FC Barcelona | Xavi abre la puerta a Frenkie De Jong y Robert Lewandowski

The match that tomorrow disputes the FC Barcelona in Getafe, where he hopes to be runner-up, he seems to be in the background. And it is that we already see these days how the rumors about the movements that the Barça team must make this summer are increasing. Names like Robert Lewandowski, with whom they consider a verbal agreement closed from Germany, Álvaro Morata or Frenkie De Jong who can leave.

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The Egarense has not confirmed the continuity of the Dutchman, related in this case to the Manchester clubs. Like him, he has left a clear nod to the Polish striker in this case, but always conditioning everything on the economic situation. These have been the statements of the preparer azulgrana at his press conference:

Getafe: “I think that with Quique they are having a great season, they are very competitive, with a lot of character and aggressiveness. They play very direct with a marked 5-3-2 system. They need a point to save the category. It will be a difficult match. have better feelings than against Celta. We have one point left to be second, but we’ll go out and win by the three points”.

Ronald Araujo: “He wants to play. At no time was he unconscious and he wants to play. I am moved by his commitment. The sensations are very good. He was not unconscious and in that sense it is important so that he can be there tomorrow”.

Transfers: “The circumstances of the club are what rule. I am a very important part of decision-making, as a coach. It is logical that we depend on the economic situation. In a few days we will know what the situation is to know what we can do and what No. The economic situation keeps us at bay. It marks the present and the future of the team”.

Frankie DeJong: “For me it is very important. He has been a starter practically always, except when he has rotated due to tiredness, fatigue or competition. For me it is fundamental, but we all depend on the economic situation of the club”.

Time to start the market: “There are still things at stake, but we still have second place at stake. When it’s over, we want to plan so we can decide things.”

If there are untouchables: “Of course there are. They are in my head. I have it clear. From here, we have to see what the situation is and the ability to manoeuvre.”

Optimism with the signings: “I always am and next year we have to compete. We had two months in which it seemed that we could compete for titles, but it didn’t come to us. We have to be self-demanding. We are Barça and here the only thing worth winning is. From the year Next time much more is going to be demanded of us, the players and the coach”.

Blackberry: “Talking about players we don’t have doesn’t help me. The situation is what we have. If you ask me about Frenkie, let’s talk. But talking about players we don’t have isn’t important”.

Lewandowski and if he would sign veterans: “I signed Dani Alves when he was 38. It’s not his age, it’s his performance. The players take care of themselves so much and they are more professional every year. Each player is a world. Ibrahimovic, Modric, Dani Alves… they all have a very high in important clubs. Cristiano and Messi too. Age is not a priority. If it improves us, that’s what’s important”.

The base of the team: “Barça must have two high-level players in each position. Now in the squad there are positions that are not doubled and we have a problem and make inventions if they get injured. Things are missing and many things have to be changed. It’s normal”.

Things to improve: “We can improve. In February and March we were competitive and playing good football. We have enjoyed ourselves, but now we have lowered our performance a bit. We have to be more responsible with the ball. We have to press high and after losing. We have to increase it to meet the goals.”

Departures: “We haven’t said anything to the players because the season isn’t over. We haven’t talked to anyone. We need everyone 100 percent. When we cover the objectives we will start planning for next year.”

Balance of the season: “It has not come to compete. We are frustrated because we were close to competing in the Europa League and LaLiga. We have not come to compete with Madrid. We have not cut points and it has served to be champion. We have to improve, strengthen ourselves and do self-criticism. You have to see the economic situation and work”.

If you want a scorer: “It’s not time to talk about this. When we meet the objective we will talk. The club knows what we need to be competitive. The board will demand titles from us and we have to improve”.

Challenge for these matches: “We have to make one last effort. We’re all frustrated because we haven’t been competitive. The feelings aren’t quite good, but we’re taking advantage of the games. We have to end with good feelings for next season. After the game we have to get there to the results.”

Nico: “Nico is important. He has scored goals and made the difference. I am happy with him. He is a player for the present and the future and he gives us many alternatives in midfield”.

Bucket and the left side: “We value Balde a lot. He’s going to help us tomorrow. He still has minutes. We believe in his progress and ability. He could be an important player to give Jordi Alba a rest. We have to have competition in other positions as well. by position for me it is basic”.

The losses: “We have talked about it and we have made videos. You have to be responsible with the ball. You have to be aware that playing football well means not losing the ball. Making a quick diagnosis has been lacking”.

Adam: “With Adama we will decide as soon as we know the economic situation. It has been important, but he has competition with Ferran and Ousmane. When Adama was better than Ousmane, Adama played. It’s about performance and the moment”.

Balance between young and old: “It would not be one of the priorities. If we sign, we sign to improve. Age is important for maturity, but then there are exceptions like Gavi, Nico, Eric or Ferran. They have already competed on big stages. Veterans are also giving performance. Age is not the priority, but for planning we also look at it.”