Fifa le entregó millones de dólares a la Federación Colombiana de Fútbol, a pesar de no haber clasificado al mundial

Fifa le entregó millones de dólares a la Federación Colombiana de Fútbol, a pesar de no haber clasificado al mundial

BARRANQUILLA. March 24, 2022. The Colombia National Team faced Bolivia at the Metropolitano Stadium, on date 17 of the Qualifiers for the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022. (Courtesy of FCF)

Within the framework of the congress that develops the International Federation of Associated Football and doha, Qatardelivery was announced 8 million dollars to each member association, which did not qualify for the World Cupwhich will take place from November 21 to December 18 of this year.

The “bonus” is given for the positive balances that the company has had. fifa in recent years, thus benefiting the national teams financially, which helps alleviate “losses” for not having qualified for the most important soccer tournament in the world.

In the budget of the Colombian Football Federation was to “make sure” 10 million dollarswhich were delivered to all the teams, only for participating in the group stage. That added to the 2 million that was won by the simple fact of qualifying for the World Cup.

The official figures assure that the teams will receive an additional 12 million dollars for playing in the round of 16, 18 million for the quarterfinals; the selection that finishes in fourth position will win 25 million, the third 30 million, the runner-up 40 million and the champion 50 million dollars. There are almost one billion that will be distributed among the 32 qualified countries, 29% more than what was distributed in the world past, Russia 2018.

The announcement gives a break to Ramon Jesuspresident of the Colombian Football Federation, and the board of directors of this organization, who in recent days were being singled out as one of those responsible for the failure of the Colombia selectionin the last qualifying round.

It was rumored that some of the important clubs in the country were not supporting them or even that they were looking for other candidates for these managerial positions, but, coincidentally, 2 weeks ago they were ratified for 4 more years, almost unanimously, only Emilio Gutiérrez, president of Atlético Nacionalnay.

It is noteworthy that the re-election of the directors takes place while the investigations are being carried out, by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, for the scandal of the resale of tickets for the qualifiers of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Ramón Jesurum, Elkin Arce and Álvaro González, were financially sanctioned by the SIC, for an amount of 16 billion pesos.

The money given by the fifawithout a doubt, it will alleviate the economic impact left by the fact of not qualifying for the World Cup, because for the FHRIt had become customary to receive this income, for having qualified for the last two editions, in 2014 and 2018.

It even seems that the one who gained the most from this visit to Qatar was the president Jesusumwho was appointed senior member of the FIFA World Councilwhich is the most important institution of the highest body in world football.

The Colombian Football Federation It is not the only one that lost money, although they helped it, the national business also calculated the economic losses due to the fact that the team will not compete in the World Cup. According to a report from the National Federation of Merchants, FenalcoThe country’s economy will be affected in the sale of sporting goods, liquor and technology, losing more than 5 billion pesos that could have entered in November and December of this year.


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