Final FA Cup Liverpool Chelsea Luis Díaz: Luis Díaz, campeón de la FA Cup con el Liverpool | Deportes

louis diaz won his second title with the Liverpoolafter defeating Chelsea 6-5 in the FA Cup final, after drawing 0-0 during the 120 minutes at Wembley.

The peasant, from the outset, was the one who generated the most dangerous options for his team, which laid the game on the left sector of the playing field in Wembley. At 10 minutes the Colombian received a ball over three quarters of the field, he gained speed and He went hand in hand with goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, who managed to control the shot with his legs.

After the first half hour of play came the big loss for those led by Jürgen Klopp, who lost the Egyptian Mohamed Salah due to injury, to give entry to the Portuguese Diogo Jota.

For the second half, Díaz alternated between the left and right sectors of the field, trying shots from outside the area, which narrowly missed Mendy’s goal.

The clearest option for the farmer came at 83 minutes, entering the area on the right side and crashing a right hand in the left vertical of the Franco-Senegalese goalkeeper.

Díaz left the field of play after 98 minutes, in the first period of extra time, to let in the Brazilian Roberto Firmino; however, the match lacked clarity in the remaining minutes.

In the definition from the penalty spot, Jürgen Klopp’s men won 6-5, after a penalty saved by the Brazilian alison becker an mason assembly and the converted penalty of the Greek Costas Tsimikas.

In this way, Luis Díaz won his second title with Liverpool, the third of the season and the tenth in his sports career.