Foto de Amber Heard con el labio roto fue rechazada como prueba por jueza – Gente – Cultura

In one of her interventions in the middle of the trial in which she faces her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard claimed to have been hit by him so hard that her lip was visibly lacerated and bloody.

To support this testimony, the defense of the actress presented a photograph that was rejected for not having been presented on time.

As he narrated, She was in the kitchen living room when he backhanded her -with the back of his hand- :”He wears a lot of rings. I remember it felt like my lip went into my teeth and I had a little blood on the wall. It’s that simple, a little blood on the wall“.

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The media specialized in entertainment ‘TMZ’ released the photograph that the actress presented as proof of this act of violence by Depp. In this she is seen posing with the right corner of her mouth slightly raised, as in a half smile.

Besides, he has in his hand a paper on which you can read the inscription: “I’ll be back xxx”. Let’s remember that the ‘X’ is usually used to represent the expression ‘Kisses’ in the United States. According to her, it was a note left by the actor.

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was not accepted

According to ‘TMZ’, the idea of ​​Heard’s defense was to show this image to the jury, but Depp’s team opposed it, since Amber’s lawyers would never have sent the photo during the discovery stage of the case.



The judge agreed with this premise and dismissed the use of the image during the legal process.

The aforementioned medium had access to the group of litigants who are in charge of defending the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, who assured that the image is from 2012.

Amber would have said, during the defamation case that took place in the United Kingdom, that the first violent incident was in 2013, so the dates would not coincide.

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Even so, she later corrected the date of the first alleged abuse, after having spoken with her therapist, clarifying that this first violent act would have happened in 2012.