Francia Marquéz hoy responde mensaje de Marbelle en Twitter – Presidencia – Elecciones 2022

Marbelle: Qué puede pasarle tras denuncia por trino sobre Francia Márquez - Servicios - Justicia

“Dear Marbelle, I do not understand how you hate me without knowing me, how you distrust me if we have never had the opportunity to forge a friendship relationship. Let me tell you that, on the contrary, I have admired you since I was a teenager,” he wrote Francia Márquez this Saturday on her Twitter account, in response to the last message from the singer Marbelle.

In the trill of the latter, she rejected the “ancestral hug to heal” that Gustavo Petro’s vice-presidential formula sent her in the middle of the debate of EL TIEMPO and Semana. This in response to her racist comments in which she compared France to King Kong.

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“I return your ancestral hug to keep it for you. You do not give me confidence or represent me in any way. Do not come to me with the cheap speech with which you want to deceive people.e”, wrote the singer on her Twitter account, after France assured that “racism harms and kills”.

Now, after the rejection of Marbelle, the co-team member of the presidential candidate of the Historical Pact created a thread on her Twitter in which she recounts an anecdote she lived when she was young and makes a reflection.

France said that a few years ago he auditioned for ‘X Factor’, ‘RCN’ program in which Marbelle was a judge along with Juan Carlos Coronel and José Gaviria.

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“A few years ago I was one of the millions of young people who enthusiastically attended an audition in which you were a music teacher (…) When I left my community, my grandmother gave me her blessing and gave me the ancestral hug that today from the depths of my heart I offer you. During the tour riding the bus, I thought about the illusion of what would happen if I were to qualify,” said the vice-presidential candidate.

In his story he assured that he was excited that music would change the reality of his family and his community; and that even though he did not qualify, the first thing he expressed to his cousins ​​was his joy at having met Marbelle.

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Finally, he sent a final message to the singer: “Dear Marbelle, today life put me on another path, to fight to become the Vice President of Colombia.”

And he added: “I can only thank you for having allowed us in our youth to dance with joy the Necklace of Fine Pearls”.

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