Francisco recomienda en el ángelus “aprovechar las vacaciones para detenernos a escuchar a Jesús”

Today’s Gospel shows the domestic scene of a visit by Jesus to the house of his friends Lazarus, Martha and Mary, who offer him their hospitality. At one point, while Mary listens to Jesus, Martha rebukes him because she is doing everything. Nevertheless, Jesus tells her that Mary “has chosen the better part.”

Starting from this passage of the Gospel, Pope Francis has encouraged this Sunday’s Angelus to “take advantage of the holidays to stop to listen to Jesus”. “Today it is more and more difficult to find free moments to meditate”, Francis pointed out. “For many people the pace of work is frenetic, exhausting”, so “the summer period can also be precious to open the Gospel and read it slowly, without haste”.

“Let us allow ourselves to be challenged by those pages”, the Pope encouraged, “wondering how our life is goingif it is in line with what Jesus says”, because “if we leave home in the morning keeping in mind a word of Jesus, the day will acquire a tone marked by that word, which has the power to guide our actions according to what the Lord wants.”

And it is that, as Francis has pointed out, “the word of Jesus is not abstract, it is a teaching that touches and shapes life, changes it, frees it from the opacity of evil, satisfies and instills a joy that does not pass away”. That is why María “gives him first place, stops and listens”. “The rest will come later”Francis continued, stressing that “this does not detract from the practical commitment, but it must not precede, but flow from listening to the word of Jesus, it must be animated by his Spirit. Otherwise, it all boils down to worrying and worrying about a lot of things, sterile activism.”

Trip to Canada

At the end of the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis recalled that next Sunday he will embark on his trip to Canada, for which he has ordered a message to the Canadian people waiting for you. “Dear brothers and sisters of Canada: as you know, I come to you above all to embrace the indigenous populations”, she said.

“Many Catholic congregations have contributed to policies of cultural assimilation that, in the past, have harmed communities in various ways. native communities“, the Pope continued. “For this reason, I have recently received in the Vatican some groups representing indigenous groups, to whom I expressed my pain and solidarity for the evil they have suffered. And, now, I am preparing to complete a penitential pilgrimage that I hope, with the grace of God, will contribute to continuing the path of reparation and reconciliation that we have begun”.