François Beoringyan soluciona sus problemas con el visado

Francois Beoringyancoach of asier martinezyou have had problems receiving your visa to travel to the United States. Despite having lived in Pamplona for more than two decades, François maintains the passport of Chad, country where he was born. Knowing the complexities with the visa that this could entail, he notified the Spanish Federation several months in advance so that they could process the matter.

However, he did not receive a response until a few days ago when the issue was resolved and he was able to travel to the United States. This inconvenience has greatly affected Asier, since he has not been able to train with François in the days before the tests begin. “I don’t know who is to blame and I know that in the United States there are some bureaucratic procedures that have to be followed, but the truth is that it is a problem that he has not been able to be here with me from the beginning,” said the Navarrese in an interview with Brand.

The hurdler affirmed that the inconveniences are derived from the “provisionality” with which the Federation works in the face of the “subject of the minimums and lists that do not think so much in the short term.” “He did not get any response or any facility to start moving it, and even more so knowing that in my test the three of us who could go had been quite clear for months,” added Asier.

So he has had to train alone while waiting for François to arrive, who finally did it a few days ago. “It is very important that your coach is in the previous training sessions assessing the sensations, but unfortunately it could not be like that”, Asier concluded by mentioning.