Freddy Rincón: cuerpo será llevado a Buenaventura y regresará a Cali – Cali – Colombia

Freddy Rincón: cuerpo será llevado a Buenaventura y regresará a Cali - Cali - Colombia

The family of the former Colombian national team midfielder, Freddy Rincón, who died on Wednesday night in Cali, He decided to move his body to Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca), his homeland, where he is honored.

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Next Saturday they will take Rincón’s body back to Cali to have it in the Pascual Guerrero stadium.

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The mortal remains of Rincón were transferred at dawn this Thursday to Legal Medicine for the respective legal proceedings, since his death was due to violent circumstances, such as the traffic accident last Monday at dawn.

The relatives of the idol hope that Legal Medicine will deliver his mortal remains to them before noon.

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The Mayor’s Office of Cali proposed to the Rincón family to take the coffin to the Pascual Guerrero stadium to pay tribute to him in a burning chamber and that the inhabitants of Cali can fire him, but the relatives decided to initially take it to Buenaventura.

The transfer was on a charter flight from the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport in Palmira.

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In the port city, Rincón’s body would be in the Roberto Lozano Batalla Coliseum or in the space where his family decides, so that his countrymen pay him posthumous tribute. Next Friday, the coffin would be taken back to Cali, for the honors and farewell of the Caleños at the Pascual Guerrero.

After announcing the tribute that will be paid to Rincón in Buenaventura, the mayor of this city, Víctor Hugo Vidal, announced that a coliseum that is recovering its administration will bear the name of Coliseo Freddy Eusebio Rincón Valencia.

Next Saturday, in Cali, will be the funeral of Freddy Rincón in a private ceremony.

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