Freddy Rincón: el gol contra Alemania que aparece en Encanto – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Freddy Rincón: el gol contra Alemania que aparece en Encanto - Cine y Tv - Cultura

Very few people really noticed at the time, but there it is: in a scene from the movie Charm, Disney, in which the protagonist Mirabel has a talk with Bruno after their reunion in the bowels of the house, One of the most famous goals of Colombian soccer appears fleetingly illustrated.(Besides: Freddy Rincón, former player of the Colombian National Team, dies).The protagonist is Freddy Rincón and the setting is the match of the last date of the group stage of the World Cup in Italy 90, which was played on June 19 of that year.

Colombia faced a key game against the favorite German team, and had to win or draw to qualify for the first round of a world cup round of 16.

Freddy Rincón’s goal against GermanyFreddy Rincón’s goal against Germany in 1990.

The celebration of the Colombian crack.


Joseph Clopatofsky

At the end of the game, and losing 1 to 0, the national team undertook a masterful play that ended with a triangulation of Pibe Valderrama with Bendito Fajardo and point guard Freddy Rincón. And he, without hesitation, with the speed, strength and intelligence that he always exhibited on the pitch, He scored a goal that gave him a tie that is remembered as one of the happiest and most emblematic of national sport.

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In the film Charm, The fleeting illustration of the goal appears when Bruno, Mirabel’s uncle, shows her a little about what his life has been like and how he entertains himself hidden in the Madrigal house. As he shows her a series of illustrations that he puts on the mice that accompany him, the iconic goal against Germany appears drawn.

The scene has regained importance in recent days, after the car accident and the unfortunate death, this Wednesday, of the Colombian striker.

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