Freddy Rincón: investigan a dos hombres que iban en él y desaparecieron | Tendencias

Freddy Rincón: investigan a dos hombres que iban en él y desaparecieron | Tendencias

On Wednesday, April 13, the death of Freddy Rincon, former soccer player and historical idol of the Colombia selection.

The ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’, as it was known, was in a critical state of health after a car accident suffered in the early hours of Monday, April 11.

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The event was recorded when a truck in which Rincón was traveling, and several other people, crashed into a bus of the MY, the public service of Cali, at the intersection of two streets.

As a result of the impact, the van in which the former Colombian national team player was traveling ended up colliding with a traffic signal, while the bus collided with a wall.

everything was left recorded by security cameras of the area.

As is already known, the clash caused in Rincón a severe head trauma and had to be admitted to the Imbanaco clinic, where he died.

But what happened to the rest of the people involved in the accident? we tell you

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The car in which Rincón was traveling was a van Ford, 2015 model, which had the Soat expired and three speeding tickets. His plates were UGR 410. The MÍO bus, for its part, had just started its route for the day and was not carrying passengers, as reported by the authorities of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

At first, it was said that three people were in the car with Rincón, but, as the Investigative Unit, of the newspaper EL TIEMPO, there were four more.

The only thing in the file is the identity of a woman, María Manuela Patiño, who was unharmed and left the place by her own means; the testimony of another, Lorena Cortés, who assures that Rincón was driving; and the version of witnesses that there were at least two other people in the van“, reported the Investigative Unit.

The Investigative Unit added that security cameras recorded the accident and the moment when “Two people would be getting out of the van, seconds after the violent crash, and taking a taxi“.

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The taxi driver is being located to give his version“, he added, while reporting that “Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia, Freddy Rincón’s half-brother and owner of the truck, was not driving the car, as was commented“.

Regarding the bus driver of MÍO, he was identified as Jorge Eduardo Muñoz and was hospitalized at the San Fernando clinic. He suffered tibia and knee fractures.

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