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Freddy Rincón: la potencia hecha fútbol, perfil - Fútbol Internacional - Deportes

Freddy Rincón was the author of one of the most famous goals in the history of Colombian footballIt was on June 19, 1990, in Milan, when Rincón scored the expected 1-1 draw against Germany.

José Clopatofsky, director of the magazine ‘Motor’, He was the one who immortalized the Rincón celebration, in a photograph that is still emblematic of Colombian soccer today.

the story of the photo

Freddy Rincón ran out of place, in his red Colombian jersey, with his arms waving. The photographers barely captured him in profile as they followed his goal cry, the one he had just scored against Germany in the 1990 World Cup in Italy. It was a historic 1-1 draw that made the country delirious, returning to a World Cup after 28 years.

José was parked there, on the field, with his camera ready, because he always accredits himself as a photographer to watch the games from below. He thought that Colombia was going to lose, and he was leaving.

It was when he heard the hubbub and realized that this mass was running right towards him. His instinct led him to take the photo. Rincón shouted the goal at his lens. A photo that no one else had. With that photo he confirmed a phrase that he never tires of repeating: journalism is integral, it is one.

The agonizing goal would arrive at minute 93 of the match


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Clopatofsky has told this anecdote many times and I’m sure his face always lights up, like now. This time he recreates it with a pen and paper. He draws the field, Rincón’s route, and the position of his lucky photographer. His voice sounds excited.

“I took the photo to have it developed at the AP agency, and there they offered me $5,000 for it. I said, ‘No, this photo is from my newspaper.’ I called Colombia and said: ‘I have the photo on the front page’ and I transmitted it…”.

“In Colombia there was a party. Pacho Santos – editor-in-chief – asked me what I was going to write, and in Italy we were already going to sleep. So I wrote the chronicle of the photo. Like any good photo for reporting, it was a hump”, confessed Clopatofsky.


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