Freddy Rincón: la versión del medio hermano dueño de carro estrellado – Unidad Investigativa

Freddy Rincón: la versión del medio hermano dueño de carro estrellado - Unidad Investigativa

The impact of the news that his half brother is in intensive care and with a reserved prognosis has not allowed Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia to visit former Colombia national team player Freddy Rincón.

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However, Díaz, a mathematics teacher and pensioner at the University of Cauca, He is one of the first people that the Prosecutor’s Office wants to hear to try to clarify what happened on the morning of Monday, April 11, in the south of Cali, where the violent clash occurred. In fact, the Ministry of Mobility has already contacted him.

Witnesses assure that Rincón was in the co-pilot’s position, the one who received the impact. Because of that, he suffered serious injuries.


Private archive and THE TIME

As revealed by EL TIEMPO, the 2015 model Ford truck, which ended up hitting a MIO bus It appears in the name of Rincón’s half-brother, who doesn’t even have a driver’s license. And there are three fines for speeding and three more for rolling with the expired SOAT.

With that background and with the version that there was a fourth passenger in the van where the former soccer player was going the authorities want to know Díaz’s version.

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The man remains at his home in Cali and EL TIEMPO exclusively knew the statement that he is going to deliver to the authorities. According to what he says, he was not driving the truck in the accident and he was not the fourth passenger either. He will even ensure that he had not heard from the former Real Madrid soccer player for a week.

Freddy Rincón: brother's papers

This is proof that Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia does not have a license.

In fact, it will say that He did not know where his brother was that night and he does not know who the people who were with him were.

THE TIME established with those close to the Rincóns that the fourth person was not a member of the family.

Freddy Rincon

Freddy Rincón, ex-soccer player for the Colombian national team in the 1990s.

And although the truck continues to appear in the name of Rincón’s half brother, Díaz’s version indicates that the vehicle has always been available to the former soccer player and he is in charge of gasoline, buying the SOAT and complying with the other legal requirements.

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Díaz joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Cauca in 1976, from where he retired 29 years later. There he gave lectures and wrote a book on geometry.

His relatives told EL TIEMPO that One of Rincón’s sisters, who lives in Buenaventura, traveled to Cali to accompany him permanently.

Bus accident Freddy Rincón


What did the witness say?

On the other hand, local authorities told this newspaper that Several residents of the accident area have provided videos to try to find out who the fourth passenger was.

In addition, that one of the former soccer player’s companions, Diana Lorena Cortés (43 years old), made a video statement in which she provided relevant information. And it is known that her breathalyzer test was negative.

Even unofficially, it has been said that the woman assured that it was Rincón who was driving. However, due to the seriousness of his injuries and the testimonies of some people, everything indicates that he was on the passenger side, who suffered the most from the impact.

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What is clear, at least for the Ministry of Mobility, is that it was a man who was driving.