Freddy Rincón: necropsia al exjugador es clave en investigación – Cali – Colombia

Freddy Rincón: necropsia al exjugador es clave en investigación - Cali - Colombia

In the early hours of this Thursday, the lifeless body of the former player of the Colombian National Team, Freddy Eusebio Rincón Valencia, was transferred from the morgue of the Imbanaco clinic, to the headquarters of Legal Medicine, in the south of Cali, so that the coroners could perform the autopsy required by law in the case of violent deaths.

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The ‘post-mortem’ analysis carried out by the experts would give clues as to the exact position of the truck, which violently collided with the bus of the MIO mass transit system, on 5th Street. with race 34, the deceased former soccer player was going.

At the moment, the authorities have only one testimony. That of Lorena Cortés, one of the two women who were traveling in the Ford truck, model 2015. Cortés maintained that Rincón was driving.

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The other woman who was in the truck, María Manuela Patiño, left the accident practically unharmed and, so far, has not said anything to the authorities after being discharged from the health center where she was taken.

Cortés’ version is emphatically denied by Rincón’s family. In fact, Sebastián, her eldest son, took her spokesperson and asked the driver to appear before the authorities.

Sebastián Rincón’s statement could be supported by the version of eyewitnesses of the accident, who assure that two more people were in the truck, who would be a fourth and fifth occupants of the car.

This version is supported by videos from security cameras of buildings located near the accident site in which it can be seen when, after the strong collision between the truck in which Rincón was traveling and the MIO bus, two men got out of the car and They get into a taxi that was passing by.

The driver of the truck, as can be seen in the videos, ran the red light and crashed into the bus.

The owner of the truck is Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia, half brother of Freddy Rincón. Initially it was thought that Díaz was driving the car that fateful morning, but he exclusively told EL TIEMPO that he had not seen the former Real Madrid player for weeks.

At the time of the accident, Díaz Valencia’s truck, with UGR 410 plates, did not have Soat, according to the Runt, and had seven traffic violations – most for speeding – for a total amount of more than 4 million pesos.

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Hours after the incident, investigators analyzed the site and the possible circumstances of the crash. It is clear that at the time the impact occurred, the visibility conditions depended on public lighting.

A key person in the investigation is the taxi driver who picked up the men who allegedly got out of the van. and got into that public service vehicle.

The authorities, according to EL TIEMPO, were able to identify the license plate of the taxi in security cameras and are locating the person who was driving it that morning so that he can give his version.

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The driver of the MIO, Jorge Eduardo Muñoz, explained that “instead of braking, they (the truck that Rincón was in) pulled to the left, so that’s why it collided, I managed to get the car out to the right. what I’m going to stop, I’ll whistle them. When I saw them down I pulled them to get the car out (pointing to the right), but they continued. Where they would have stopped, I hadn’t touched them because I managed to get the car out. car”.

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