Freddy Rincón nunca quiso atacar a James Rodríguez, contó uno de sus hijos

Freddy Rincón nunca quiso atacar a James Rodríguez, contó uno de sus hijos

Freddy Rincón appeared during the last years in different analysis tables and on a couple of occasions he delivered controversial opinions against James Rodríguez. The midfielder ’10’ was no stranger to this situation and he also entered the crossroads on a couple of occasions, what caused that in the last time a certain curiosity was awakened in the soccer country around those two stars of the national football.

Hours after Rincón’s death was confirmed, one of his sons referred to the way his father thought in the media and how the role he played in analyzing the present of football was lived within his family Colombian. Freddy Stiven Rincón confessed that with his brothers they sometimes questioned his father for the concepts he gave, but he also pointed out that his father never regretted what he said because he was convinced that he was not lying.

“Those issues put us on edge and we told him: “Hey, pa, stop with that because you’re going to get into trouble. And he said: ‘why am I telling the truth? And one was going to see and he was right. He simply did not make up the way he said things, he did not keep anything, but without affecting anyone, “said one of the sons of the ‘Coloso de Buenaventura’ in a dialogue he had this morning with the Cali media, who was quoted through the Gol Caracol portal.

After that answer, the young man was specifically asked about James Rodríguez and he took the opportunity to clarify that his father never intended to deliberately attack the Al-Rayyan player.

“The issue with James Rodríguez was something of an interpretation, he never wanted to damage his name, or anyone else’s. He saw things that were not going and that he did not like, but never with the intention of belittling someone, “he concluded.

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James did not want to speak publicly in recent days about Rincón. In the first moment, He was silent after the accident that affected Freddy, and he did not dedicate a publication to him after his death was confirmed.