Freddy Rincón: video alcanzó a grabar a otro hombre que iba en el carro – Unidad Investigativa

Freddy Rincón: video alcanzó a grabar a otro hombre que iba en el carro - Unidad Investigativa

Many in the Rincón Valencia family already know who the man who was driving the truck that starred in the violent crash that ended up claiming the life of the legendary 19 of the Colombian National Team, Freddy Rincón.

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The two sons of the so-called ‘colossus of Buenaventura’ have asked that the man ‘assincere’ (sic), and that the Prosecutor’s Office act and justice be done. And while the first line of investigation is the testimonies of the women who were in the Ford truck, a video recorded by a passerby could speed up the case..

From the beginning it was said that 5 people were injured in the accident

The images were able to record the back of the truck and the plate can be seen: UGR 410. As revealed by EL TIEMPO, The car records three speeding tickets.

Two subjects are also seen, next to the driver’s door, talking to a third, who appears to belong to the relief group that arrived in an ambulance.

Don’t go recording because I’ll take your cell phone, I’ll take it from you (…) Come on, come on, you’re not going to move“, is heard in the fractions of a second that were recorded.

he’s drunk“, responds the person who had the camera of his cell phone open and who managed to record the impacted car and a woman begging the man, in the middle of tears, to calm down: “Sir no, no, no.”

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The video, which has circulated in local media (and which EL TIEMPO published the day after the accident), It is already in the hands of the authorities. Forensic experts analyze the paintings in which the man was registered.

Freddy Rincon: accident

This video shot shows the two men getting into a taxi seconds after the crash.

the question marks

Why didn’t the man want it to be recorded? Is it the same subject who, minutes later, got into a taxi with another person and has not reappeared? Why didn’t you help the former Real Madrid player?

Authorities are looking for both the taxi driver who picked up the two people and the passerby who recorded these key seconds of the accident, which occurred in the early hours of April 11 last. And it’s clear from the video that there were other witnesses.

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Although it was initially said that the person who had prevented the recording was Rincón, the version was ruled out due to the state in which the former player arrived at the clinic.

the other evidence

In addition to the videos collected from the security camera and the testimonies of the two women who went with Rincón, Fingerprints will be collected inside the vehicle (especially at the rudder) and the family will be asked to reveal who the 55-year-old former Colombia national team player was with that night.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO in an exclusive dialogue with Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia, he was not driving the truck. Although this appears in his name, he assured that it was in charge of his half brother, Freddy Córdoba.

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Investigators are reconstructing the trajectory of the truck, based on security camera records. The objective is to establish where Rincón came from with his companions.One of the key security videos is from a grocery store across from the scene of the violent crash.

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