Freddy Rincón y otros colombianos célebres que murieron durante las celebraciones de Semana Santa

Freddy Rincón y otros colombianos célebres que murieron durante las celebraciones de Semana Santa

Bogota. April 08, 2016. Casa del Valle officially launched its Ídolos de Oro exhibition. In the photo: Freddy Rincón – Ex-soccer player. (Colprensa – Diego Pineda)

With deep sadness, a good part of the country continues to say goodbye to Freddy Rincón, the consecrated former Colombian soccer player who knew how to shine in the 1990s, and who died as a result of injuries sustained in a traffic accident, after remaining in care intensive since last Monday, April 11. The athlete was 55 years old.

The ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’ passed away on Holy Wednesday and has caused such a commotion that it displaced the traditional events of Holy Thursday in his native Buenaventura, where he is being veiled among his family and friends.

As well as Rincón, other famous people in the country have died during the Holy Week.

On April 14, 2017, a Good Friday, the death of Martin Elias Diaz Acosta. meThe incident occurred at 7:40 am, but three hours later the first images of the Toyota truck were revealed reference TXL that overturned on the roads of Córdoba.

During the tour, the artist was without a seat belt and changing his clothes, and according to the first investigations, with the vehicle at more than 150 kilometers per hour and in the passenger seat: big mistake, because the road they were traveling on had a limit of 50 km/h.

After the impact, the singer was ejected through the panoramic glass, crashing directly into the asphalt. Despite the impact, he was still alive. Quickly, they transferred him to the Santa María Clinic in Sincelejo, but at 12:45 noon, passed away.

The same Good Friday in which the son of the Cacique de la Junta died, Colombian culture also fired the Bogotá poet, short story writer, translator, editor, journalist, illustrator and teacher Nicolás Suescún, who was 79 years old and lost the battle against a long illness.

In addition to illustrating the cover of No One Writes to the Colonel, he translated into Spanish the works of important authors such as William Shakespeare, Honoré de Balzac, William Blake and Arthur Rimbaud.

The author of works like One hundred years of solitude Y The colonel has no one to write to him He died on April 17, 2014 at the age of 87 in Mexico City. After being hospitalized the previous week for a lung and urinary tract infection and then being discharged, information about the delicate state of health of the Colombian writer had circulated.

Coincidentally, he died on Holy Thursday, the same day as Úrsula Iguarán, one of the characters in his most famous novel. On the other hand, in a column for the Colombian newspaper El Universal, the Colombian Nobel Prize winner wrote this about Thursdays:

Unquestionably, Thursday is a day in parentheses. It only serves to write about its uselessness when it is not possible to develop another topic of greater importance.

Antonio Caro was a conceptual artist whose extensive work left several icons for the national heritage, such as Coca-Cola Colombia either Everything is very expensivealong with other pictorial creations that combine, with humor and criticism, social, political and historical ideas of the national reality.

According to his relatives, Caro died on March 29, 2021, Holy Monday, at the San Ignacio University Hospital in Bogotá at the age of 70.

The Bogota actress and humorist Lucero Gómez was recognized for being part of the cast of the humorous program Happy Saturdaysas well as the classic comedy series temptations. Gómez was also part of the cast of important programs such as the capo, Isabel watched over me Y Fair play.

The actress had undergone surgery to remove an umbilical hernia, but suffered postoperative complications and died on April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday.

This Colombian nationalized Italian priest set himself the mission of rehabilitating and educating street children and adolescents in cities such as Bogotá, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga. He was the creator of the District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth (Idipron)an entity associated with the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá that continues to fulfill this function.

This exemplary citizen, who received the Boyacá Cross in 2009 for his social work, died in Bogotá on March 22, 2016, Holy Tuesday.


“For me the most important thing is the moment in which Freddy Rincón existed for the Colombian national team”: Luis Fernando Suárez
Antonio Jiménez, who represented Freddy Rincón on television, left a meaningful message after his death