Gamero enfureció por derrota de Millonarios contra América

Gamero enfureció por derrota de Millonarios contra América

Millonarios returned to defeat in Colombian soccer after several dates of holding an unbeaten record that had him at the top of the table. The ‘Ambassador’ team lost 3-2 as a visitor, at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in the city of Cali.

They made two goals to the cast of the capital with the same dose; product of errors in the aerial game. A situation that unleashed the fury of Alberto Gamero, who did not hide his annoyance at the poor game that Millonarios showed in the Valle del Cauca capital.

Serious mistakes in this aspect of the game have been happening frequently to Millionaires, in fact, the Bogota press has emphasized the team’s problems in defending side balls and that finally ended up costing him the result as in this match.

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Gamero, seeing that his led did not follow instructions, he got out of boxes with his assistants on the technical bench. The samarium coach was seen slapping, insulting and reproaching the players’ movements on the field of play, a recording that was captured by the broadcast of the match.

And it is that the defeat has been painful for Millionaires, Well, in front was America, who has just left his coach Juan Carlos Osorioin the midst of serious conflicts with the owner, Tulio Gómez, with whom he had to reach an economic agreement for his dismissal.

For this meeting, the person in charge of directing was Pompilio Páez, Osorio’s assistant who assumed the reins of the team and in his first game he got the victory with a game different from the one shown previously and with great prospects of players who point to the future.

However, Páez will not be in charge for long in America, since according to Carlos Antonio Vélez, coach Alexandre Guimaraes has everything ready to return to the club that became champion in 2019.