Géiser Fly, Isla de las Cobras, Magnetic Hill

Traveling is listed as one of the best pleasures in life and when it goes to extraordinary places, this theory gains much more strength.

To organize your next vacation here we tell you the five weirdest places in the world you could go, yes, there are some that you enter at your own risk.

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fly geyser

Located in Nevada, United StatesIt is certainly a show that seems to be taken from ‘Alice in Wonderland’; It was created by human error, after trying to drill a well where water was found to be over 200 degrees Celsius.

Due to the minerals present there, the geyser has grown a lot during the last 40 years, its colors are due to the fact that it is covered by thermophilic algae, which causes the different shades of green and red that give it this unique appearance.

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Island of the Cobras or Island of the Snakes

Another place is Isla de las Cobras or Isla de las Serpientes, located off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is home to more than 4,000 snakes, a forbidden island listed as the second most dangerous place in the world. The Isla Quemada snake lives in this place, one of the most poisonous on the planet.

Magnetic Hill located in New Brunswick, United States

One of the most mysterious places in the world, This is thanks to the fact that its floor produces an optical illusion, making it appear that a downward slope appears to be uphill, a tourist attraction that has led travelers to check this out.

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The terraces of Yuanyang

Located in southwestern China they are a masterpiece designed by the multi-ethnic Hani community, developed over generations and recognized as World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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thor’s pit

Located on the coast of Oregon, United States, it is a sink that seems to have no end, although the main theory is that the well was previously a cave whose roof collapsed leaving this imposing hole.