Gerard Piqué respondió si se casará con Shakira: “Es una crack”

Gerard Piqué respondió si se casará con Shakira: “Es una crack”

Piqué spoke about the Colombian singer Shakira. He claims that she has only brought him positive things. INSTAGRAM SHAKIRA

More than 11 years together and they have established themselves as one of the most beloved couples by their followers. The relationship between the Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona player, Gerard Piqué, which was born during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, has remained one of the most stable. Despite the fact that few things are known about her intimacy, both have shown on many occasions how much fun they have together and how much they enjoy her company.

It all started with the recording of the video ‘Waka Waka’, the official song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which allowed these two celebrities to get closer and today, they already add more than 10 years togetherwhich has given as a result of that relationship two children, Sasha and Milan. The couple, despite the fact that on many occasions there was speculation of a possible separation, have remained together and their relationship today seems stronger than ever.

One of the concerns that has always marked the relationship between Shakira and Piqué it was the theme of the marriagesomething of which many versions have been heard but which has not been carried out. Even the former manager of the Colombian singer confirmed that in the relationship it has not been a priority, but that it is in the couple’s plans.

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The Barcelona player referred to this possibility in the interview he had with the well-known YouTuber Jordi Wild, who in his program ‘The Wild Project’ was able to talk to the footballer about many topics, among which the subject of possible marriage came up. with Shakira, to which Piqué replied: “I haven’t asked her the details, I’m like that too one day I get horny and the next day I get married, It hasn’t happened but in reality if I get a day I’ll do it and that’s it”.

Gerard Piqué then showed the admiration he has for the Colombian singer due to her career, how she managed to position herself in music and how, over the years, she has remained at the top of the charts, passing from generation to generation. The Spanish soccer player affirmed that she only “has brought him positive things”.

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“We have complemented each other very well from the beginning, I think she is a ‘crack’ in what she does. Having the career that has had so many years, staying up there and passing from generation to generation is something unique, “said the Spanish soccer player and partner of the Colombian singer.

Then he pointed out the importance that Shakira had for music. “Also, when she started everything was moving in the United States, now with reggaeton and with all this, everything that is Latin music, etc., now it has grown a lot, but at that time crossing the barrier and jumping to the United States was unthinkable It was impossible and even more so coming from Colombia, he broke all the barriers there were. From a young age she became a world star, we have understood each other very well, we have a very good balance in our relationship, we have two children who are the host and It has only brought me positive things


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