Gesto de Ricardo Arjona con fanática en Arizona, Estados Unidos; video es viral

Gesto de Ricardo Arjona con fanática en Arizona, Estados Unidos; video es viral

Surprised were several of those attending a ‘show’ by the Guatemalan artist, who is advancing his ‘Black and white tour’ in the United States, after its resounding success in Europe.

The one cataloged by himself as the most emblematic project of his career had a moment that received praise from all his fans, because during a concert in the North American country he had an emotional gesture with one of his followers.

The fact became viral in the last hours and even the singer shared it on his official networks with the message “Black and White. The things that happen”.

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Emotional gesture of Ricardo Arjona with a follower

It all happened during her presentation in Phoenix, Arizona, when a Cuban citizen, identified as Mariluz Laffita, He did everything to get the attention of the singer, because he had a video call with his mother who was on the island.

While performing the song “Lady of the four decades”, Arjona noticed the assistant’s excessive movements and did not hesitate to approach her to ask for her phone number, ask her mother’s name and see where she was.

“Is he in Cuba now? Mary, for God’s sake, Mary! I send you a little kiss, my love”, the singer is heard saying in the recording.

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After a few seconds, the 58-year-old artist showed the mobile to the saxophonist of Cuban origin so that he could also greet her, ending the meeting with the final part of the song.

The woman who made it possible for her mother to be greeted by Ricardo Arjona did not hide her happiness on social networks and published an extensive message with her impressions.

“Dreaming of seeing Arjona in Cuba is a utopia. I grew up listening to their songs to the point that I know each of their lyrics. When I arrived in the United States in 2017 he went on a tour, I had just arrived and only had 40 dollars, not even enough for the ticket. 5 years later, not only did I get to see it, but it surprised my mother in Cuba by giving this night an eternal priority in my memories.“, wrote.

Here is the emotional moment: