Gobierno relanzó plan turístico que da subsidios para viajar: sepa quiénes serán los primeros beneficiarios – Negocios – 16/07/2022

“Tourism for all” is the name of the social project launched by the government, through which it seeks democratize the access of Uruguayans to internal tourismthrough a subsidy on certain travel packages.

The first beneficiaries of the program will be retirees and pensioners of the Banco de Previsión Social (bps) or autonomous savings banks, which receive personal income of less than $30,000.

The initiative provides for joint work between the Ministry of Tourism (mintur) and travel agencies, through which said portfolio will grant program participants a subsidy of 25% of the value of the tourist package (which may not exceed $7,000) and the possibility of bringing a companion, without he must meet the requirements linked to his income to carry out the trip.

The plan that Mintur relaunched implies the continuity of the Social Tourism program, implemented by the authorities of the previous government.

“Taking advantage of previous experiences, we are going to reactivate it, because we are among those who believe that nothing is founded and that these experiences must be given continuity,” said the Minister of Tourism days ago Tabare Viera in Parliament.

However, the mode of operation of the program was modified, since Viera understands that the Ministry should not be the creator of the tourist packages as was the case before. “We do not want the Ministry of Tourism to be a travel agency,” said Viera. “We believe that this has a series of drawbacks, because it ends up competing with the sectors, there are always claims as to why one agency and why not another, that a tender should be called,” said the chief, so now the task putting together the packages will be delegated to all travel agencies and operators in the sector that want to join the program.

The role of the Mintur will be to finance 25% of the value of the tourist packages, help with the promotion and will also audit the quality of the service.

“Although we will not provide the hotel or the gastronomy, we will audit the quality,” said Viera.

Meanwhile, the travel agency will be in charge of presenting to the Mintur the tourist packages that will be part of the project. Once approved, they will be authorized to market them.

On the other hand, Viera pointed out that the financial management will be carried out by the National Development Corporation (CND) and explained that other institutions such as Banco República or the BPS will also be able to co-finance the project.

“The idea is that it be a long promotion of what is internal tourism,” explained Viera.

“Other operators, such as hoteliers or transportation, can also (if an agency did not look for them) look for an agency to put together their own package. It is totally open. We have arranged a total amount of $5 million to finance these subsidies during this year and to organize this Tourism for all”, explained the minister.

Although the Mintur will begin to implement this program with the beneficiaries of the bpsViera pointed out that given the budget available for this plan, “we will quickly continue working to include other groups.”