“Gol a San Pedro entre las piernas”

“Gol a San Pedro entre las piernas”

Fortress, whose social networks are managed by a creative company that seeks to cause controversy and humor, had a particular dedication for Freddy Rincón, a former soccer player from the Colombia selection who died at the age of 55 after not overcoming a severe head injury caused by the collision of the truck in which he was going against a bus.

That was how the promotion tournament club wrote what it predicted for the hero of the ‘coffee’ team in the 90 World Cup in Italy, where he did of tunnel the agonizing goal against Germany, so much so that it qualified for the round of 16.

“I can already imagine your arrival… You see that huge portico, San Pedro comes out to shrink and between your legs”, It was the message from Fortaleza along with a black and white photo of the former player.

The publication closed briefly with the phrase: “Thank you for so much, idol.” And he referenced the years of birth and death of the Valle del Cauca: “1966-2022”.

It was so clever the text he received more than 10,000 reactions of ‘likes’, because it did not touch on disrespect or bad taste.

Meanwhile, the body of Freddy Rincón completes a journey that initially took him to Buenaventura for his countrymen to say goodbye to him. Then he will return to Cali, where the fans will be able to do the same at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium.

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