Habló Tomás Humberto Díaz, hermano de Freddy Rincón y quien aparece como dueño de la camioneta

Habló Tomás Humberto Díaz, hermano de Freddy Rincón y quien aparece como dueño de la camioneta

Freddy Rincón continues to play the most important game of his life in the Intensive Care Unit of the Imbanaco Clinic, where he arrived on Monday after having suffered a serious traffic accident on Fifth Street in Cali.

Regarding what happened that morning on Monday, April 11, the authorities continue to investigate and in the investigations the name of Tomás Humberto Díaz Valencia, Freddy Rincón’s mother’s brother, always appears as one of the protagonists of the events.

El País spoke exclusively with Díaz Valencia, who immediately denied that he had accompanied Rincón on the day of the accident.

“I was never with Freddy on the day of the accident… I was not on the night or at dawn when the events happened. They are saying everywhere that I was with him and it’s not like that, that’s easy to prove,” he told him. Diaz Valencia told El País.

Díaz confirmed that the Ford truck, model 2015 and UGR 410 plates, appears in his name, but reiterated that he was not walking with his brother at the time of the accident.

The brother of the former Buenaventura player preferred not to talk about the subpoenas and the expired Soat that weigh on the vehicle, noting that his concern at the moment is Freddy’s health and subsequent recovery.

Regarding a possible summons or presentation before the Prosecutor’s Office, Díaz Valencia limited himself to saying that “we are working on it, waiting to see the steps to follow with this issue.”

Tomás Humberto is retired from teaching, from the University of Cauca, where he was a mathematics teacher.

According to his brother Rafael Rincón, “Tomás is more about being with his books and at home than going out anywhere.”

In any case, the summons before the Prosecutor’s Office is imminent so that it can give its version of the events that have Freddy Rincón in a difficult situation at the Imbanaco Clinic.