Hassam le responde a su exesposa, Tatiana Orozco, y habla de sus ‘novias’

Hassam le responde a su exesposa, Tatiana Orozco, y habla de sus 'novias'

Several days have passed since Tatiana Orozco, Hassam’s ex-wife, told through her social networks that the humorist already had a girlfriend a few weeks after their separation. In addition, she took the opportunity to criticize him. “I have a video from no more than a month ago crying and begging for forgiveness, and today he has a girlfriend. Thank God I made the right decision.”

“Calming the pain of a loss, be it home or financial, with another person, is the worst decision we can make. I will wait to heal and forgive completely and thus rebuild my life. In conclusion, I will not use anyone to mitigate my pain, “the woman posted on Twitter.

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His comments were supported by several of his followers, but others launched a strong questioning after she exposed the sentimental reality of the comedian. “Breathing through the wound,” a netizen commented.

Hassam responds to his ex-wife

This situation arose shortly after Hassam, whose first name is Gerly Hassam Gómez, revealed the details of their separation through a video on his Instagram in which he assured that he and his now ex-wife decided to end the relationship. “in common agreement not to screw up our lives anymore”.

In that publication the artist also clarified that The woman decided to leave after having subjected her to episodes of abuse and infidelity.

And although a few days ago the comedian had limited himself to responding to his ex-partner’s taunts with two emojis hinting that he would remain silent, apparently he could not stand it and went further.

Through his Twitter, he published the following message: “If my daughters classify as ‘girlfriends’, yes, I have been in love with one for 18 years and swallowed by the other for 11 years. Having them here by my side is all I need. Please, do not give importance to gossip.”

His trill was highly commented, and many even assured that his ex-wife is still in love with him. “Friend, ‘Tata’ still loves you and that’s why he complains”, “That’s right Hassam, enjoy your girlfriends a lot”, “children are eternal loves. Blessings ”,“ the children are the priority, and already separated, nobody should care if he has a girlfriend, and less so his ex ”.