Hasta Dangond y Yina aterrizan en campañas de Petro y “Fico”

The race for the presidential elections on May 29 is in its final stretch and these days the campaigns add alliances from all fronts. 15 days after it is defined who will go to the second round, the leaders of the contest get support that goes beyond politics with influencers, athletes and singers who entered the campaign.

Gustavo Petro, from the Historical Pact, and Federico Gutiérrez, from We Believe Colombia, are the ones who are in the lead –according to the polls– and would go to the polls for the second time on June 19. These two characters, in turn, are the ones who are moving more support from entertainment to keep their discourse current among network followers and opinion.

Athletes Adolfo el “Tren” Valencia, Maria Isabel Urrutia, Óscar Figueroa and Willington Ortiz publicly stated that they will vote for Petro. The same thing happened with the actors Julián Román and Andrés Parra, two celebrities active in the political debate.

Parra and Román are not the only television faces to use their accounts – especially Twitter – in the midst of the campaign. The singer Marbelle is firm with her support for Federico Gutiérrez, she has directly attacked Petro and her formula, Francia Márquez, and they even canceled a concert that she had on May 7 in Pasto for making racist comments against Marquez.

With “Fico” there are also Lucas Arnau and Silvestre Dangond, actor Jorge Cárdenas, soccer players Miguel Ángel Borja and John Jairo Trellez. In addition, the parents of Liverpool winger Luis Díaz landed on his team: Selenis Marulanda and Luis Manuel Díaz.

Although Petro and Gutiérrez have a list of celebrities in their ranks, experts point out that they do not change people’s votes, but they do keep a candidate in the mouth of public opinion.

This is how the professor at the Javeriana University, Mario Morales, explains it, for whom “the impact on the vote of what influencers publish is relative because voting is emotional, it is based on beliefs and these are difficult to change. However, this support serves to maintain the spirit of the supporters and be a sounding board for the issues proposed by the candidates”.

The date of the presidential elections is approaching and in these two weeks more famous figures from entertainment could come to the campaigns. The most recent accession was carried out by Rodolfo Hernández with the arrival of Natalia Paris in their ranks. The engineer says that she “has her thing” and the paisa begins to form a new list: that of the models who enter politics.

Soccer players looking for a goal for Petro

Adolfo el “Tren” Valencia, Óscar Figueroa and Willington Ortiz publicly support the Historical Pact, as does the Olympic medalist Maria Isabel Urrutia.

Distribution of the pact in tables

Actors Julián Román, Andrés Parra, Diana Ángel, Carolina Guerra and others joined the Historic Pact campaign with a video in which they called for a “change.”

Yina, the dj on the left

The controversial influencer and DJ Yina Calderón attended an event with Gustavo Petro and his wife, Verónica Alcocer. Calderón referred to Petro as “the future president.”

The footballer who identifies

Miguel Ángel Borja posed with Alejandro Char wearing both a “Fico” cap. “We continue to team up. Our shark scorer joins the campaign,” said Char.

The singers that go with “Fico”

Vallenatero Silvestre Dangond, singer Lucas Arnau and also actress Marbelle have publicly supported the candidate on networks and at public events. They are already campaigning.

Parents of Luis Díaz, in the ring

The soccer player’s parents, Silenis Marulanda and Luis Manuel Díaz, received Gutiérrez on his tour of Rioacha and took photos with him. They stated that they support him to support the footballers. And his son?