Hija de Camilo y Evaluna inspiró negocio en familia Montaner: explican de qué es

Hija de Camilo y Evaluna inspiró negocio en familia Montaner: explican de qué es

Camilo and Evaluna do not change for anyone after the arrival of their first-born, whom the Colombian singer described as a happy and curious girl, sharing the first photos of her.

The arrival of little Indigo came after the couple of artists decided to follow a family tradition, which complicated the delivery procedure a bit.

After the Venezuelan Ricardo Montaner described what his newborn granddaughter causes him, another member of that family launched a business that, he confessed, was inspired by the little girl.

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Daughter of Camilo and Evaluna inspired Montaner family business: they explain what it is

Marlene Rodríguez, wife of Montaner and mother of Evaluna, explained from her personal Instagram account how the business inspired by Camilo and his wife’s daughter came about.

“When I found out that Eva was pregnant, I called Tina, who had had the idea of ​​making things for babies for some time, and told her: ‘Tina, you have to make your mark, I want those wonders for Indigo. She replied that she did not have the time to dedicate 100 [por ciento]but if he did it with her and we joined Marizai, she would pigeon her, we called her and at once, “he said.

Camilo’s mother-in-law clarified what the launch of ‘The Red Thread’ consists of, in which she affirmed that it reflects all the love that she feels as a grandmother towards her granddaughter who has just arrived in the world.

“For many years we have come together to learn, we have made ceramics, paper mache, painting, sculpture with recycling, puppets and now we join in this undertaking for my granddaughter (who is theirs too). Indigo was already born and today this brand is born inspired by her @elhilorojoatelier. It makes me excited because it is love, it is love for my granddaughter, love for my friends, love for nature (it is all healthy and natural), these clothes are love that we share with you, “she concluded.

The store offers custom-made baby clothes (0-18 months), with 100 percent organic cotton and linen fabrics, with natural dyes, presented as a handmade product made in Spain.

“Quality, care and natural beauty. We believe in quality, care and the creation of unique products, while continuing to have a positive impact, both on our environment and on humanity. We start with a colorful, practical collection inspired by what we see every day, each garment represents what we love about the world we live in”, explains the website of this brand.

This was the publication with which Ricardo Montaner’s wife presented her new business, inspired by the little girl who came to the family.