Hijo de Freddy Rincón subió primera foto del exvolante en la clínica tras grave accidente

Hijo de Freddy Rincón subió primera foto del exvolante en la clínica tras grave accidente

Freddy Rincón, former player of the Colombian National Team, suffered a spectacular traffic accident this Monday morning after a collision of the truck in which he was moving against a MIO feeder in Cali. The Valle del Cauca had to be transferred to the Imbanaco Clinic in that city in an emergency.

According to the authorities’ report, the incident occurred exactly on Calle Quinta with Carrera 34 and left at least five people injured, including the driver of the public service vehicle.

“Four people were in the truck. It was established that Freddy Rincón, María Manuela Patiño and Diana Lorena Cortés were present. The really important thing is that Freddy can get out of this circumstance well and manage to recover ”, said Jorge Iván Ospina, mayor of Cali.

Through a publication on Instagram, the eldest son of the ex-volante, Sebastián Rincón, surprised all fans of national football and shared the first photo of the popular “Coloso de Buenaventura” in the medical center, after this unfortunate incident.

“Here we continue, my old man, firmer than ever”, was the emotional message that the footballer also wrote to accompany the postcard, which received hundreds of comments in a few minutes.

In the snapshot, which quickly went viral and was disclosed by various media, it can be seen that Sebastián Rincón and the former player of the Colombian National Team are holding hands.

Faced with this harsh news, messages of support for the former soccer player have multiplied on different social networks in recent hours. However, few members of the current squad of the national team have spoken about it.

Radamel Falcao García and Rafael Santos Borré are the only Tricolor players who have so far dedicated a few words of encouragement to the former Independiente Santa Fe, América de Cali, Napoles and Real Madrid midfielder, among others.

Edwing Candelo, Undersecretary of Mobility of the Valle del Cauca capital, also revealed some details about this unfortunate incident and assured that it is still not certain who was driving the truck in which the former player was moving.

The official also pointed out that Rincón could not perform the respective breathalyzer test because his condition was critical. Likewise, he pointed out that the investigations of the case are already being carried out.

“We don’t know for sure who was driving. We believe that due to the impact, the ex-football player was going as a co-pilot, rather than as a driver. He could not advance the breathalyzer test due to his critical condition ”, accurate.

The Undersecretary of Mobility finally assured that they are gathering all the visual material to determine the true causes of the accident and the responsibility of both vehicles.

Through a press release, the Imbanaco Clinic delivered a new report on the state of health of Freddy Rincón and explained that he is still in the intensive care unit, where he is being monitored.

“Freddy Eusebio continues to receive all the pertinent measures in our ICU. It is essential for us to ask everyone to understand that the only official source of what is really happening is these communications. Any other information is only generating pain in their relatives, “he concluded.