Horóscopo semanal de Mhoni Vidente del lunes 16 al viernes 20 de mayo del 2022 – Nueva Mujer

Find out what the stars have in store for you with the horoscope of Mhoni Vidente, who leaves you your lucky numbers, lucky color and the message of the stars for this week full of positive energy.


Archangel Metratron will be your guide and protector during this week so that you can do everything you have planned. Do not hesitate to invoke him and you will see how his work will make you grow more professionally. It also tells you: “Believe in yourself, never doubt your ability to be great in life.” You should start activities that you enjoy in life, such as exercise, the initiative to help others and, above all, be the teacher of those who need to know. Your magic day will be Thursday and your lucky numbers will be 09 and 18; your color will be red. These will be days of economic abundance and the arrival of a new job opportunity. Beware of problems throat and lung infection A love from the past wants to settle a money issue with you You receive an invitation to go on a trip at the end of this month.


During these days the archangel Michael will help you get ahead of any problem that comes your way and you can be happy with what you do. In addition, the archangel will be your ally against salations and the evil eye, so don’t hesitate to invoke him and carry his image in your wallet for protection. It will be a week of a lot of extra work and review from your superiors, so try to organize your time. It’s time to learn to eat, that is, eat a good diet and feel healthier. You get a gift that you did not expect for your birthday that will give you a lot of happiness. Do not forget to finish your activities, that is, always finish with what you are, what you have planned and close cycles. Wednesday will be your best day. Your magical days will be the 12th and 33rd, and your color will be strong blue.


Archangel Jophiel will help you this week to improve, he is the one who helps you realize your dreams and future goals; he will remove obstacles that can get through you. Also, with his purple ray it will help you to cover yourself from the evil eye and problems with others. Do not hesitate to invoke it whenever you need protection. The end of a difficult situation that you have dragged on for a long time is approaching, remember that everything has a beginning and an end. A proposal for a new job will arrive and it will make you develop professionally. In love you will continue with your stable partner; For single Geminis, a fire sign love is here to stay. Your lucky numbers will be 07 and 11. Your best day will be Tuesday and your color will be yellow. Watch out for bowel and stomach problems, be more careful when eating.


Archangel Ariel will help you succeed in what you want so much during these days, as it will be a week of many positive movements in your work life, so try to take advantage of that current of abundance that this divine being offers you. Forgive yourself and forgive those who hurt you so you don’t carry negative energies. Remember that your sign is very spiteful and that only hurts them. Trust yourself to carry out that business that you have in plans. Beware of legal problems with debts and always try to solve them when appropriate. In love, a very compatible partner will arrive who will make you very happy. For those of the Cancer sign who are in a relationship or married, they will have a pregnancy at the door. Monday will be your best day. Your magic numbers will be 17 and 21. Your lucky color will be white.


This week the archangel Chamuel will protect you from everything negative that surrounds you, that is, your sign will go through these days with great strength of love and happiness, so do not hesitate to invoke him. Also, your archangel of communication will help you grow professionally, you live with people of power and lean on them for a new work project. Dare to be authentic, that will help your sign to have an extra in everything they do. Beware of excessive expenses. A love could betray you, try to clarify your situation as a couple. You return to study a university degree. Your best day will be Thursday and your magic numbers will be 20 and 35. Your color of abundance will be orange. It will be a few days of reinventing yourself in everything you do to enjoy the necessary success, remember that goods are to remedy evils.


These days the archangel Gabriel will be the one to guide you in your new life challenges, remember that your sign always wants to do its job in the best way. You are successful, but when you are charged with negative energies due to envy, the archangel Gabriel will be the one who protects you and sends divine messages that will help you to be better. Be careful with migraine and stress problems, that will only cause you a greater illness; exercise and meditate to release that negative energy. You will receive an economic surprise and the payment of a debt from the past. It is time to carry out and act according to your plans that you already have established. A love will come to stay in your life. Your magic day will be Wednesday and your lucky numbers will be 14 and 19. Your color of prosperity will be strong blue.


Week of being with a lot of work and pressure, remember to manage yourself more at work so that you do not have problems with your superiors. Do not talk about your life so much because your sign is surrounded by gossip a lot. I recommend you be more discreet, you get extra money for a prize in the lottery with the numbers 1 and 8. Use more green to attract abundance, make some payments on your house or apartment. You travel with your family this month, do not look for excuses to lose weight, remember that everything is in your mind and you will always achieve what you set out to do. You are the most conquering zodiac and that will always help you to be in a relationship. The archangel Raguel, whose name means “Go to God”, is the angel of serenity, when you are distressed you must invoke him so that his spiritual strength helps you to be well.


Week of being with energies found within your work, I recommend you to be calm so as not to fill yourself with problems. You take a language course and receive extra money for your utilities, invest it in yourself, your sign lives on its image. Do not look for that love that left, remember that if he does not speak to you, it is that he is not interested, close that circle in your life and try to meet more compatible people. Your lucky numbers are 4 and 16, use red more because it is your protection, you ask for a few days of vacation to go on a trip with your family. A new love will give you something that you will like very much, do not think about it anymore and start that business that you want so much. Archangel Uriel is your protector, his name means “healed by God”, every time you feel sick and pressured, invoke him to help you heal.


This week Archangel Michael will help you, they will be days of very high spiritual strength and you will have the opportunity to overcome any obstacle. Invoke this archangel and you will see how his help will come to you to have the success you want in terms of work. It will also help you cut witchcraft and negative energies that you have around you, just try to think positive. You resolve a legal case in your favor, don’t wait any longer and put your papers in order, remember that time goes by and doesn’t come back. A love from the past is looking for you to give you the opportunity to love again, for Sagittarius in a couple: it will be a few days of much love. If you feel that you are not achieving your goals, do not get overwhelmed, the cosmic energies are aligned in your favor. Your lucky numbers are 6 and 10, your magic day is Friday and the color is yellow.


The archangel Raphael is the one who will help you these days so that you have strength of spirit and health, since it is essential in our lives, that is why you must ask this archangel with all your faith so that you achieve what you want so much and you will see what it will be. done almost immediately. He also has the power to remove bad friendships and toxic loves from your life. Your sign is very stubborn and sometimes does not measure the danger of situations, I recommend you think more than twice what you are going to do and say so that later you do not find yourself in complicated situations. Week of sudden changes of school, they look for you to invite you on a trip, pay some debts, find the love of the sign of Aries, Virgo or Libra, your lucky numbers are 30 and 44, your magic day is Tuesday and lucky colors they are white and red.


Archangel Metatron will guide you these days so that your life rearranges itself and removes the negative that surrounds you. Archangel Metatron means “the strength of God”, that is why he asks for what you want so much, such as a positive change in your work environment, true love, divine protection. Metatron has the power to help you and be the protector of the divine, he will also raise your intuition and divination through dreams, you have to be very attentive to your dreams and feelings. Week of being with a very good attitude, extra money arrives with numbers 5 and 12, your best day will be Wednesday. Do not fight with your partner, but if you see that there is no remedy, give yourself some time and look for a more compatible love. You make some aesthetic arrangements, you are invited to a business, you try to accept it and gather two or more incomes in your life.


Archangel Gabriel will accompany you this week, you will feel his divine protection, remember that this archangel means “God’s justice”, that is why it is time for forgiveness and not to carry negative energies. It will give you the opportunity for personal and professional growth, but you must concentrate on what you want for your future, leave that bad love that only takes away time to get ahead. It is time to progress in what you need for your life, such as starting a business or changing jobs. Week of having last minute meetings at your work for job changes. For the Pisces who study, a proposal for a scholarship to go to another country comes to them. Your magic numbers are 2 and 18, your best day will be Thursday. No longer seek recognition from those around you, try to feel full with yourself and be happy.