Índigo, hija de Evaluna Montaner y Camilo, inspiró negocio de su abuela Marlene

Índigo, hija de Evaluna Montaner y Camilo, inspiró negocio de su abuela Marlene

During an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, where Ricardo Montaner said that his daughter was going to give birth at home with the help of a midwife, the interpreter of ‘Me va a strange’ added that his wife, Marlene Salomé Rodríguez, had a project inspired by the baby.

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According to the artist, his wife, director of several of his music videos, had the support of Evaluna and Camilo Echeverry, Indigo’s father, who they were so excited that their first child would inspire their family.

Evaluna Montaner’s mother created a clothing line inspired by Indigo

Ricardo Montaner pointed out in the program that his wife was going to launch baby clothesNow that she is debuting as a grandmother, since Montaner’s grandchildren are from the children she had from her first marriage.

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Although at that time the grandparents did not know if the baby would be a boy or a girl, Marlene Rodríguez began designing clothes for girls, her husband said.

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“She just created an Indigo-inspired clothing line, and it’s a baby clothing line. Marlene is very excited, and obviously Evaluna, the inspiration for the little dresses“Declared the artist as seen in the following video:

In an Instagram post, Rodríguez revealed that the brand is called The Red Thread Atelier. In it appears a photo of a baby’s leg, which is most likely Indigo’s.

Next, the ‘post’ made by Evaluna Montaner’s mother: