Índigo, la hija de Evaluna y Camilo, “modela” su línea de ropa, a pocos días de nacida

Índigo, la hija de Evaluna y Camilo,

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Indigodaughter of Evaluna and CamiloIt has caused a furor on social networks since its birth was announced last week. Now it has been revealed that Marlene Rodríguez, wife of Ricardo Montaner made a line of handmade baby clothes.

The interpreters of “Machu Picchu” and “For the first time” made the birth of Indigo official with emotional photos that showed moments of childbirth at home, just as the famous parents planned. In the images it appears Camilo always with his wife, showing how close they are right now.

marlene rodriguezwife Ricardo Montaner and grandmother of the newborn, created a whole line of clothing inspired by the little. And it was through his social networks that she revealed his most intimate project: the signature created especially for her sweet Indigo called “The Red Thread”.

Evaluna boasts the baby clothing brand inspired by Indigo.
Photo: Instagram

On previous occasions, Ricardo Montaner He had explained how close his wife had been to the creation of the garments, however, now it was Marlene herself who shared in detail about this new family project.

With a profound message shared on her networks, the proud grandmother shared that the brand was inspired by Indigo and surprised with a photo of the minor’s leg using one of her designs.

Indigo was born and today this brand inspired by it is born. It makes me excited because it is love, it is the love for my granddaughter, the love for my friends, the love for nature (it is all healthy and natural), these clothes are love that we share with you, “Marlene shared on her social networks.

Indigo models the brand’s clothing inspired by her.
Photo: Instagram