Inversionistas listos para salvar a Justo & Bueno

A group of investors interested in save Fair & Good announced this Thursday that at the time the Superintendency of Companies determines it, it is ready to present the capital contribution offer, which would give continuity to the operation of this commercial organization.

In a statement, released through various national media, Alfonso Giraldo Castro, representative of the firm Lobbying & Consultingstated that: “Giving continuity to the work that has been carried out in an attempt to rescue Mercaderías SAS Justo & Bueno, it is a pleasure to announce that, on behalf of the creditors we represent and with the permanent accompaniment and advice of the firm Deloitte, We ratify the intention to present a capitalization offer and contribution of new capital for the rescue of the company Mercadería SAS, fully accepting the provisions of Decree 560 of 2020.

According to the text everything that is owed from January 18, 2022 would be paid to the date on which a final decision is made, including in this amount the rental fees and public services, among others. In addition, the document indicates that the capital will be provided to meet the pending obligations in fiscal and labor terms, since currently, Justo & Bueno has more than 25,000 indirect employees.

“In simple terms, the creditors we represent would be contributing the capital required to cancel all the obligations with the DIAN, the municipalities, as well as everything that the company has recognized as debt to employees, on the occasion of the contracts of work and other obligations whose payment corresponds in the terms of Decree 560 of 2020 ”, adds the text.

PAt the moment there is no response from the Superintendency of Companiesentity that in May resolved favorably the request to apply article 6 of Decree 560 of 2020, which refers to the use of the rescue tool for companies in a state of imminent liquidation, due to the manifest intention of a group of creditors to contribute new capital for this purpose.

In June, Giraldo told the newspaper La República that Lobbying & Consulting together with the global firm Deloitte would be looking for fresh money to save Justo & Bueno. The proposal would consist, as explained by the investor, in injecting more or less US$40 million to cover administrative expenses and stabilize the operation.

In 2021, according to the Superintendency of Merchandise Companies SAS (Fair & Good) sold $1.52 billion, figure less than the $3.23 trillion recorded in 2020.