James Hetfield de Metallica llora en Brasil y habla sobre cómo la edad le afecta: “Ya no puedo tocar más”

metallic concluded his tour of South America in Brazil and we had a sensitive moment from the vocalist James Hetfield. The bandleader cried and talked about how the passing of the years has made the performance drop…or at least that’s what he thinks.

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The band had confirmed shows in Argentina, Chile and four presentations in Brazil. This is part of his tour called ‘world cable tour‘, which was planned for 2020; however, the pandemic put a stop to their plans and, after two postponements, they were finally able to reach this side of the world.

On the fourth date of his visit to Brazil (May 12), a very heartfelt moment occurred for James Hetfiledwhich he explained to his audience. The 58-year-old singer/guitarist opened up about how age is taking its toll on him, and also psychologically:

«I have to tell you, I wasn’t feeling very well before I came here. I felt a bit insecure. Since I’m old, I can’t play all this shit anymore.. That’s what I was saying in my head. So I talked to these guys [señalando a sus compañeros] and they helped me, simple as that. They hugged me and told me that if I feel bad, they will take care of my back».

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After expressing these words, Hetfield He immediately began to cry in front of his entire audience. Obviously, seeing her partner in a very sensitive and sentimental moment, Kirk Hammett, Roberto Trujillo Y Lars Ulrich They went to hug him and calm him down. This gesture made the audience excited and continue to cheer them.

James Hetfield added: “And seeing all of you there…I… I know I’m not alone and neither are any of you.!”

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We share a video of what happened with James Hetfield at the last concert metallic in Brazil: