Jersson González, jugador de Santa Fe, sigue hospitalizado

A big scare was the one that took the players from Santa Fe and Junior when in the middle of the game in the middle of the week for the BetPlay Cup, Jersson González, a player from the Bogota team, suddenly fainted on the field, causing the immediate reaction of his colleagues, who urgently requested medical assistance.

Faced with this situation, the medical body of Santa Fe decided to transfer him in an ambulance to the Marly clinic in eastern Bogotá, where he was hospitalized. The player was stabilized and is in better condition, this Thursday he underwent some tests in order to find the causes of the strong pain in the chest that González manifested.

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After the match, the technician in charge of the team, Grigori Méndez, gave a report at a press conference of what happened on the field with the midfielder: “Jersson fainted, had a decompensation and was transferred to the clinic for prevention.”

The club has been very aware of the footballer’s health, who has his family and teammates worried. AboutGol Caracol spoke with Cristian González, his brother, who gave a little more detail about the player’s medical situation.

“Jersson is already much better. They will leave it for two more days. We understand that you are going to have more tests, until Saturday. All good coming out in the best way, ”said his relative.

His loved ones hope that this Saturday the player will be discharged, although they know that he must comply to the letter with the medical suggestions ordered and start a gradual recovery process to find out if he can compete again at a professional level.