Jim Caviezel, ¿Qué pasó con el Jesús de ‘La pasión de Cristo’? – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Jim Caviezel, ¿Qué pasó con el Jesús de 'La pasión de Cristo'? - Cine y Tv - Cultura

‘The Passion of the Christ’ has been one of the greatest successes of cinema. Its collection has been the highest for a Christian film and its director and cast one of the most controversial in the industry.

The film, which recounted the last 12 hours of Christ before his crucifixion, was directed by Mel Gibson and starred Jim Caviezel, Maia Morgenstern and Monica Bellucci. But it was Caviezel, in his role as Christ, who stood out the most.

Who is Jim Caviezel?

Before getting to play Jesus, he had a pretty normal life. Born in a small town in Washington, in the United States, James Patrick Caviezel is the son of Margaret Lavery and James Patrick Caviezel.

At a very early age he moved to Seattle to play basketball and due to an injury he had to retire and give up one of his dreams: to play in the NBA, a private basketball league in the United States. He then enrolled in the University of this state and began training as an actor.

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Once he finished his studies, he entered the world of cinema in 1994 with the movie ‘Wyatt Earp’ and in 1997 with ‘GI Jane’. After that, he was featured in Terrence Malick’s ‘The Thin Red Line’ and Gregory Hoblit’s ‘Frequency’.

The passion

The Passion of the Christ was one of the most impressive films about the last days of Jesus.

It was not until 2004 when he came to the role that, until now, has marked his career, both for better and for worse. Playing Christ in ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was quite a challenge for the interpreter, Well, as he revealed to ‘Hollywood Reporter’, his body suffered a lot during filming.

“My shoulder was sprained and dislocated every time someone hit the cross. While we were shooting the whipping scenes, the whips hit me twice and i had a 14 centimeter wound on my back. My lungs were full of fluid and I had pneumonia,” she said.

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Despite the experience, the film was released, but contrary to expectations, the critics destroyed it. Many moviegoers called her an “anti-Semite” and a “fanatic” and with each criticism Caviezel saw her career sink deeper and deeper.

It had such an impact that its main actor said that it had ruined his electoral career, but, paradoxically, at no time had he repented of having put himself in Christ’s shoes.

The new age

It took two years for Jim Caviezel to bring to life ‘Carroll Oerstadt’ and ‘Deja Vu’ (2006)a film in which Denzel Washington plays an agent who travels back in time to investigate a terrorist attack in New Orleans.

And it took two more for him to want to be the main character in the movie ‘Outlander’ (2008), along with John Hurt and Jack Huston. A film about aliens and Vikings, in which a humanoid warrior must end the life of a beast.

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With these works it was confirmed that his career was not finished, but that, apparently, he was on a constant rise. In the same year he appeared as a journalist who defends the voice of a woman victim of segregation in society in ‘The truth of Soraya M.’ (2008), and, later, he put himself in the shoes of a family man who defends his home from criminals in ‘Transit’ (2012).

By 2013, Caviezel was once again a master in the industry and starred in ‘Rising Again’, a film based on real events, in which he played a football coach who in 1979, when he was 25 years old, leads a team university to multiple victories.

Back to top

As if nothing had happened, and after having had roles in ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’ (2017), ‘All for Grace’ (2018) and being the protagonist of the acclaimed series ‘Person of Interest’ for several seasons, the actor again played a religious character.

In 2018, it was no longer Christ but Saint Luke, one of the apostles of Jesus who goes to Rome to help Saint Paul, who awaits his execution. ‘Paul: The Apostle of Christ’ received mixed reviews and was reminiscent of Caviezel’s performance in ‘The Passion of the Christ’.

Contrary to what was thought, the famous artist’s acting career did not stagnate, but was enhanced, because that same year ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ revealed that he was in talks with Mel Gibson to be the lead in a sequel to the iconic Christian movie that he thought would end his career. However, even four years later nothing more is known about it.

Currently, Caviezel is 53 years old, still acting and has lent his voice to different productions. Her most recent launch is the Pray 40 application (Pray 40, in Spanish) to meditate in a guided way with Christian preaching.

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