John Terry a Luis Díaz: “Devastado, pero eres un jugador fantástico”

Rarely does an idol recognize the work of a rival, but Luis Díaz’s football has captivated John Terry for several months. In March he published a short but strong message referring to the Colombian “Diaz is a player” highlighting the game he had in Liverpool’s victory against West Ham. Now, he did it to respond to a post by the winger in which he did not hide his sadness that Chelsea lost the FA Cup, but acknowledged what the peasant had done.

“Absolutely devastated but you are a fantastic player my friend”Terry’s complete message to Luis Díaz after he was chosen as the player of the final and added one more title in the season, the third for the Colombian.


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Luis Díaz since his arrival in Liverpool has added 24 games, 16 starts, which represents more than 66%. Ratifying his influence and importance on the pitch, Klopp already said: “He has understood our football 100%”. His performance on the pitch has boosted Liverpool’s attack which, after his arrival, gave Mané a new position to play inside and the Senegalese could also have been decisive there.

Now, the challenges that come for Liverpool in the auction of the month of May will be to fight for the Premier and seek the Champions League title in Paris against Real Madrid on May 28.

What does Liverpool need to stay in the Premier League?

With one game in hand, the Reds have 86 points, 4 less than Manchester City, a team that tied with West Ham and gave Klopp’s men hope to reach the last date with options to stay with the Premier. The account is simple for the Colombian club, they need to win the 6 units they have in dispute and wait for Guardiola’s men to draw or lose on the last day against Aston Villa.


Liverpool will play this Tuesday, May 17 (1:45 pm) against Southampton for date 37 in which they will catch up in the Premierthe victory is essential to reach the last day with enthusiasm against Wolverhampton, a rival they also need to defeat to reach 92 points.