Jorge Luis Pinto lloró en Noticias Caracol por muerte de Freddy Rincón

Jorge Luis Pinto lloró en Noticias Caracol por muerte de Freddy Rincón

These are very difficult hours for Jorge Luis Pinto, after the death of Freddy Rincón was confirmed. The national coach was the one who allowed the ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’ to debut professionally and established an unconditional friendship with him. (See also: This will be the funeral honors of Freddy Rincón; they include two cities: Cali and Buenaventura)

Not for nothing, Rincón considered Pinto to be the most important coach of his entire professional career. But the admiration was mutual and that is why the coach wanted to work with Rincón, including him in his coaching staff when together they faced the challenge of directing Millonarios in 2019.

Pinto was interviewed in Noticias Caracol and showed how bad he is going through the departure of the one who was like a son to him in the professional field. As soon as Javier Hernández Bonnet gave way to know his impressions of this unfortunate news, the technician burst into tears and moved millions of people across the country.

Seconds later, a little calmer, Pinto declared: “Javier, a football great left, a man whose humility led him to be great. He never hurt his leg to work, he dedicated himself to football, a humble man. The most beautiful message that he delivers to soccer players, that whoever wants to be great like Freddy has to learn to work.”

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Later, Pinto recalled what those years were like when he had the privilege of directing Rincón. Nevertheless, On a couple more occasions during the interview, the coach cried again out of sadness for the death of the former midfielder.

The strategist was quite moved when he recalled the dialogues he had with Rincón about the possibility of working together and that Freddy also stood out as a technician. “I thought that he was going to be one of the great coaches of Colombian soccer. I always told him: ‘Don’t worry, black, when he retires we will be together’”he assured with a broken voice.

Next, in video, the moving interview that Pinto starred in remembering Rincón: