Jorge Luis Pinto recordó curioso episodio con mamá de Freddy Rincón; qué dijo

Jorge Luis Pinto recordó curioso episodio con mamá de Freddy Rincón; qué dijo

The spectacular accident suffered by former soccer player Freddy Rincón in the early hours of Monday, April 11, when the vehicle in which he was traveling crashed into a Mío bus in Cali, has allowed several of his relatives to relive some of the most relevant moments that they have with him.

One of them was Santander coach Jorge Luis Pinto, who made the ‘Coloso de Buenaventura’ debut in professional football in 1986, when he made his first appearance in a Santa Fe jersey.

His trust in Freddy was imminent and he responded fully, because in his first game as a professional, against Junior from Barranquilla, he scored two goals and later established himself as one of the important chips to achieve what would be his first title, that of the 1989 Colombian Cup.

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And it is precisely during those years in the ‘cardinal’ team, where he played 130 games and scored 29 goals, Rincón shared many moments with the veteran DT and forged a strong bond of friendship. So much so that in 2019 Pinto took him to be his technical assistant at Millonarios.

“The world that Freddy has is a very wide world, the experience he had in Santa Fe, America, Real Madrid, Napoli and in the Brazilian teams gives him a very wide background, what he wanted was for the players in Millionaires to talk to him, that for a player it is extremely useful that a figure with the world that Freddy has talk to them “Pinto explained on Antena 2 about the decision to join him in his work.

However, he told the radio network that an episode he lived with the ex-soccer player’s mother, who left for a game, confronted him about his son’s attitude is very marked in his memory.

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“Once in a game that we played with Santa Fe in Buga, leaving the hotel, at the door, there was a lady sitting and when she saw me she called me and told me that she was Freddy’s mother. She immediately asked me ‘What did she do to Freddy?’

According to the coach at the station, Rincón’s mother wanted to know the reason for the physical and mental change that her son had during his beginnings at Independiente Santa Fe, since she did not know that he was carrying out different jobs, imposed by the technician. , to improve the game and enhance its capabilities.

“It had a truck body, but a Volkswagen engine. That was the great evolution that it had. We teach him to play team football with speed”Pinto concluded.