Jorge Valdano: “Real Madrid no disfrutó todo el potencial de Freddy Rincón”

Jorge Valdano: “Real Madrid no disfrutó todo el potencial de Freddy Rincón”

Freddy Rincón was the first Colombian player at Real Madrid. Despite the fact that the midfielder’s time with the merengue team was not the best, something that was also related to the club’s poor season, it was historic. Not only for arriving, but also for becoming the first footballer from this country to play a match in the Champions League, among other records.

Jorge Valdano was the technician in charge of taking the Coloso de Buenaventura to Madridclub to which he arrived from Napoli. The former Argentine nationalized Spanish coach spoke with AS Colombia Newspaper and assured that since he learned of the accident in Valle del Cauca, he has been aware of its evolution. Currently, Rincón continues to be hospitalized in an intensive care unit at the Imbanaco Clinic in critical condition and a reserved prognosis.

“I received the news through the media and since then I have been waiting. First of all, I accompany the family in her concern, she sent an affectionate greeting to them. As for Freddy, you have to trust that his athletic ability will help him get out of this drama. I hope that soon we can enjoy his energy again, “he said.

Jorge Valdano took the opportunity to remember the arrival of Freddy Rincón at Real Madrid and confessed that he had been following him for his matches in the Colombian National Team, which at that time was directed by Francisco Maturana. In addition, he stated that both he and the player suffered from the bad moment that the team from the Spanish capital was experiencing.

“Freddy arrived when I was a coach. It was a relatively easy operation because the will of the player was total. I was very attentive to the revolutionary cycle of Pacho Maturana and Freddy was one of the most attractive and unbalanced players in that team. He arrived at Madrid at a time of great institutional crisis and Freddy paid for it as a player, just as I paid for it as a coach”, he added.

Jorge Valdano highlighted the values ​​of the Colombian and in the same way expressed his frustration because he could not shine at Real Madrid or show his conditions. The coach believes that in today’s football Freddy Rincón could have been a figure in any elite team in the world thanks to his physique and his talent.

I am left with Freddy’s human quality and a feeling of frustration because Madridismo did not enjoy him to his full potential. Football is getting very physical and that’s a territory where Freddy had a big advantage. For the rest, talent is valid at any time and Freddy had more than enough”, he concluded.

Freddy Rincón played 21 games for Real Madrid, 14 in LaLiga, 4 in the Champions League, 2 in the Spanish Super Cup and 1 in the Copa del Rey. Coloso de Buenaventura started 13 games and was the only team in his career in which he could not score a goal.