Joven de versión ‘ñera’ de ‘Saoko’ de Rosalía se queja por repentina fama

If you are an active user of TikTok, you will surely have heard a sticky chorus that goes something like this: “Ñero, what did you do?, clocks, daddy, clocks, clocks daddy, clocks, clocks daddy. I am very mine, I transform myself, a cariloca I transform myself, with the straightened one, I transform myself”.

It is a viral video that has already reached 8 million views and has more than one Internet user repeating each of the verses; for example, to the actress Lina Tejeiro, who joined the trend. As they have said on the platform, It’s the ‘ñera’ version of ‘Saoko’, Rosalía’s song.

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The author of the version calls herself ‘Kei Linch’ and ‘Anarki’. His face could be familiar to you because he was a finalist in the last edition of the ‘X Factor’and recently, She was in charge of letting her imagination fly to change the lyrics of the song with some popular words of Colombian slang.

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Rapper behind “Relocos, papi; relocos” reacts to video viralization

After his version reached millions of views, “Kei Linch” posted another video on that social network to criticize society for the attention his parody received and not the songs he has really worked on during his artistic career. Which are already 8, according to their Spotify profile.

“Years rapping, struggling and screwing around, and I had to be a clown for someone to turn to see me. How ironic that this country is like that, here to dedicate oneself to art is to dedicate oneself to suffering”, raps the young woman.

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In her second video on the subject, the ‘X Factor’ finalist accumulates more than 4 million views in four days. Thousands of Internet users recognize that it is curious —and perhaps disappointing— consumer trends on the Internet.

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