Juan Carlos osorio saco del America de Cali a Daniel Quiñones por su baja estatura | Futbol Colombiano | Liga Betplay

It’s been a while since Juan Carlos Osorio said goodbye to America of Calibut even so, controversies continue to emerge from what his management left.

The last to refer to the controversial decisions of the coach was Daniel Quinonesscarlet youth squad who ended up on loan at the sporty grass by express request of Osorio.

In dialogue with Caracol Radio’s ‘VBAR’, Quiñones revealed the unusual reason why DT decided to remove him from America, of course he showed his discontent and took the opportunity to talk about the return of Alejandro Guimaraes.

Before I left for Deportivo Pasto, I was training with Professor Osorio. He made the decision not to enroll me simply because of the height issue, which for me should not be the case. But well, everyone has his decisions and I respected them”, said the 23-year-old footballer.

Quiñones, who occupies the position of right back, measures 1.69 centimeters, ten less than Eber Moreno and two less than Christian Arrietatheir direct competition for the band.

You can even search for a press conference in which he spoke on the subject. It was basically because of that (the height)”, he added. He likewise recalled that Darwin Andrade did not make the team for the same reason.

Now, the ‘mouse’, as he is nicknamed, assured that the departure to the Nariño team helped him to gain experience and add minutes in the first division. It wasn’t all bad.

To finish, he praised the return of Guimaraes to the technical bench: “I already know the work of the teacher. It’s just adapting to training again, which is what I want most, and waiting for the new tournament to start to compete… The teacher arrives at a time when the team was down, but he took it on responsibly. The atmosphere is a bit tense because in America they will always demand titles and win. All that remains is to think about the next semester and with the help of teacher Guima, start to achieve what we have been achieving before.”.

It is worth remembering that Daniel Quiñones returns to Valle del Cauca for the second part of the year and has a contract until December 2023.