jugadores retrasaron juegos de Liga BetPlay en protesta con Dimayor

Players affiliated with the Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players (Acolfutpro) They set this Saturday, within the framework of the 20th date of the BetPlay 1 2022 League, which defined the last qualifiers for the home runs, and the key heads of this phase, a new precedent. Tired of what they consider to be mistreatment by the Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor).

As has been the custom every time they want to manifest, the protagonists of the show took advantage of the first two minutesin the eight squares that were simultaneously, to ‘talk’. This was evidenced in the signals of Win Sports, the channel that owns the rights of the FPC, which on this occasion had no opportunity to censor the proposal, since it came as a surprise.

On his Twitter account, the association announced the reasons for this demonstrationwhich is closely related to the episode that the Independiente Medellín team starred in: a cast that refused to travel to Montería a week ago to face Jaguares, due to the armed strike by the ‘Clan del Golfo’, and therefore lost the three points in dispute, via the ‘WO’.

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Screenshot Win Sports.

“Despite the fact that we are the main protagonists of the show, we have not participated in the decisions that are made around football, a right that has been appropriated exclusively by managers. To build a better soccer for all we need to be heard”, expressed Acolfutpro, in relation to this mobilization, in which the ball did not roll.

“We want to have a voice and a vote in the approval of regulations and calendars, since these continue to affect our rest periods and vacations due to the excessive number of games, ”added the association, which had anticipated that a massive protest could be registered. But far from imagining that this would take place in a day with teams that play for the future in the tournament.

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“We are still waiting for our petitions, presented since 2019, to be negotiated. Collective bargaining benefits all of us who are part of the football industry and we need to have clear rules, which are agreed upon between managers and footballers”, concluded the union, in a fact that generated a stir on social networks, as has been the habit.

This is the Acolfutpro statement about the striking protest: