Juliana Galvis cuenta que perdió bebé, en programa de Laura Acuña

Juliana Galvis cuenta que perdió bebé, en programa de Laura Acuña

It all happened afterhe celebrity and his then-partner, Pedro Dávila, decided to take the opportunity to keep their home along with her first-born, Ágatha, and her dog, Ramón.

The famous one was in the United States and, in her words: “Pedro was offered a job in Mexico. At that time, let’s say, we were not so well; however, I got pregnant”.

“We went back to Bogotá to fix the suitcase and, when we were organizing everything to leave, I realized that I had lost the baby. But we went to Mexico to bet on the family. We lost the bet, but we had nice experiences there”, added the television star in ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’.

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Juliana Galvis tells how she lost her baby

In the same talk, the actress of ‘El general Naranjo’ hinted that the loss was related to a vaccine that she had applied in the United States, because she did not know that she was expecting another child.

“When I realized [del embarazo] I started to find out and it was a vaccine for measles, rubella, ta, ta, ta. I started calling everyone doctors in Colombia and they told me: ‘The risk of loss is very high or of malformation is very high’”, narrated the artist.

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Despite this scenario, ‘Juli’ never thought of stopping her pregnancy, because she always left everything in the hands of the Lord. “They opened a lot of doors for me [opciones] that I closed and said: I am in God’s hands and with God I am fine, no matter what happens, I will have my son’”, he explained.

In the end, her little one did not survive, but she only realized several weeks after he had died, she stated in said interview:

“After four months, when we returned to Colombia […], I started doing all the exams. When I arrived, the baby’s heart was no longer beating. […] I had named him León because I felt that he had survived the injection; he was a lion, like the lions of the jungle, that can do anything, and… well no, it seems that León had died in week six. I was 16 weeks old, and the man wanted to be by his mom’s side all that time. [Me dio] Very hard, very hard. I would believe that men fall in love with their children when they see them, women begin to fall in love as soon as we have them in our bellies, and we fall madly in love.

What the actress of ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’ (a novel that in its new version changed its original actors, including ‘La Pajarita’) said can be heard from minute 22:46 of this video by Laura Acuña. She is not the only famous one who has made a meaningful story for the loss of a child, Carolina Cruz too.

Juliana Galvis went to Mexico after the loss and suffered from tremor

The death of her baby did not stop her plans to move to Mexico with her husband and daughter. However, she did leave “very sad”, but with the intention of saving her home.

It lasted, she said, “two years fighting the marriage” and, in the end, after the 2017 earthquake in the ‘Aztec’ country from which she was injured, he returned to Colombia and also divorced.

“At that moment I realize that, no matter how much love we had for each other, our lives had changed a lot, and we had changed a lot and we made the decision to divorce. [luego de 10 años de relación…] For me, Mexico was very hard because I had just had a curettage done, I was depressed, sad, afraid, it was a country I did not know. I was doing very well in Colombia as an actress and it was coming to give you up and shock you, ”said Juliana Galvis, who also thanked other things that she had in that nation, including three acting projects.

Regarding her experience in the tremor, she has always thanked God and the Virgin because she feels that they were the ones who saved her. She has even mentioned that on her Instagram account and the following is one of the ‘posts’ in which she has referred to the subject.