Julio Comesaña declaraciones del Medellín vs 9 de Octubre | Copa Sudamericana

Julio Comesaña declaraciones del Medellín vs 9 de Octubre | Copa Sudamericana

Deportivo Independiente Medellín managed to beat Ecuador’s 9 de Octubre, on the second date of group E in the 2022 South American Cup. At the end of the match, coach Julio Comesaña spoke about the importance of achieving this result at Atanasio, where he has nine wins consecutive this season.

“The one who doesn’t know is like the one who doesn’t see, they said that Guaireña was an unknown team, but Internacional tied them in Brazil. 9 de Octubre is a rival that can be played more, it is less rigid and I would have liked to have played 90 minutes. Each one is the owner of their destiny, in the end we prevailed with justice and until the end we looked for the victory that we managed to achieve, despite the goal we conceded at the beginning of the match”, he stressed.

In addition, Comesaña indicated that “we have within the possibilities, to follow up on the athletes, the recovery times are not ideal, you cannot work much and the attention must be paid to them. Those who enter, contribute and the The team has its own hallmark and that richness is also adding that creativity and imbalance, like that goal by Bryan Castrillón. That harmony occurs with the passing of the games. I am very happy with Andrés Ricaurte’s moment, he is contributing a lot”.

On Felipe Pardo’s physical problem that led to his substitution, Comesaña commented that “Felipe Pardo took the adductor of his right leg, I don’t know his condition, but I think it will take several days to recover.”

Regarding the process of the match, Comesaña remarked that “the impact that that early goal had on us, despite the tie, the team was imprecise, then Jean Pineda gave us a huge hand with his work, we came out cleaner, we used the bands and with Andrés Ricaurte he appeared in a good way to position himself well, that he entered to add and contribute the game. We will see what rotations we will make depending on the games, we have to look for which players have not had much competition. We won a complex game, we are happy, measuring the scope of things.

Delving into the technical approaches, Julio explained that “there is something that cannot be hidden and that is work, the start and exit is something that we insist on between two and three times a week in training. We are playing with what the players see in the field. Moments of doubts passed, people despair, but if they are not seeing good conditions to play fast, it is good to wait. The missing details are corrected with work”.

The strategist gave his opinion on the priorities that he has under his command. “When I come to press conferences and I try not to sell smoke, to be very honest. There are people who want to hear what they want. I speak on my behalf, my priority is the League and from the heart, to fight for what we play. There are people who understand what they want to understand. The League is the starting point for the rest, we are not giving up the Copa Sudamericana, in the Copa Colombia we are going to play with those who are missing because they add competition”.

Julio also spoke about the two games the team will have to play in Pereira, due to the impossibility of playing at the Atanasio. “We are going to give our best, the fans will join us in Pereira, it is a field in good condition and we are going to play with the same energy. I don’t think we will have any difficulties, we would have wanted to compete in the Atanasio, but the team is strong and we must do the things we want to happen.

Finally, the coach dedicated an aside to Jean Pineda, who is standing out under his command in the team. “Jean Pineda against Envigado was going to play as a goalkeeper, due to the laceration of the goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo. He doesn’t sell smoke, he is a simple man and an extraordinary player, he can play in various positions, he understands the game, he knows the game. On the front line he did very well and when you see him play it gives me emotion because he is very clear. I hope he continues to improve, he has many things to offer”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
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