Jungkook carga en sus brazos a Jimin y sorprenden a ARMY (VÍDEO)

Jungkook carga en sus brazos a Jimin y sorprenden a ARMY (VÍDEO)

The members of bangtan They have impacted their fans after starring in a fun and beautiful moment that will undoubtedly leave a mark among the most random moments of the group.

BTS held their second Permission to dance on stage concert from the city of Las Vegas, United States. The show that took place in the MGM Grand Garden Stadium He had this peculiar moment that quickly managed to go viral on social networks.

The word ‘jikook’ became a trend on Twitter after a video was broadcast where you can see the golden maknae by BTS jungkook carrying his partner jimin leaving the stage heading to the dressing rooms, reasons that were enough to shock the entire ARMY.

This fact caused a furor among the fans who were still in the stadium and they did not hesitate to shout as soon as they could see their idols performing the funny action, which would later become a trend on all social networks as ARMY is used to.

Several of those attending the event captured the precise moment when Jimin climbed into Jungkook’s arms and as they walked they were also recorded by the production team of HYBE.

The video has already been shared and played millions of times since it was published, especially on the social network Twitter, where ARMY always makes an appearance to highlight the best moments of Bangtan.