Jungkook y V son expuestos como los novios más celosos y posesivos de BTS

In the last segment of the MBTI Lab of btsJimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jungkook, and RM finally gave their thoughts on Perilla’s famous leaf debate. While the members shared their strong opinions on the matter, Jungkook’s stance left fans delighted with the romantic side of him but laughing at how quickly he became jealous and possessive.

Perilla, shisho or sesame leaf is a trending question in Korea: “If your friend sees that your girlfriend is having trouble separating a sesame leaf to eat and your friend stands next to her to help her with her own cutlery, would you get jealous?

That is the question they ask idols in variety shows and interviews and their surprising answers always go viral, this time it was Jungkook’s moment, when answering, ARMY could not help but make fun of the interpreter of “Euphoria“.

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jungkook He immediately said that he would not let his girlfriend do it, because he does not want her to be next to someone else. The singer surprised by explaining that once they hold hands they can fall in love and end up getting married. v He supported him, because he thinks the same. Apparently, these kinds of actions are usually very intimate or close in Korea, so they prefer to avoid them.

Taehyung proved, along with JK, to be the two most jealous members of BTS, but the words of the interpreter of “still with you” were the ones that resonated the most due to the fun of his words, going viral and being the target of numerous memes and teasing by ARMY.