Justo & Bueno podría ser liquidado esta semana si no hay ofertas para salvarla

New chapter of the dramatic novel starring Justo & Bueno. The Superintendency of Companies warned the investment funds that the time to present a proposal and save the chain of stores has expired. So, if one is not presented this week, the liquidation process will continue.

On May 12, the entity ordered the liquidation of the supermarket chain. Nevertheless, the judge gave the opportunity for a new offer of salvation to be presentedin the face of the failure of the Chinese fund that promised to buy the company.

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At that time, the company Lobbying & Consulting appeared, headed by Alfonso Giraldo, and the firm Deloitte. Broadly speaking, they offered to inject the money to pay off the chain’s debts, keep jobs and reopen the doors of each store in the country.

Despite the fact that his proposal would be ready, as it has been declared in the media and press releases, such a document has not yet reached the eyes of the Superintendence, which issued an ultimatum to potential investors.

Warning to Justo & Bueno for possible liquidation

Superintendent Billy Escobar told El Tiempo that this week the future of Justo & Bueno must be decidedeither to carry out a reorganization or to continue with its liquidation.

“The liquidator has already asked the interested parties, who are over time, to present a specific proposal during this week and he will decide whether or not there is an option to apply that rescue formula. That’s what they’re working on, but this week it will be clear whether or not some negotiation is viable or not to collect some assets to save the company, that’s the situation. All times have expired and it is time to decide, ”he declared.

If the rescue proposal is accepted, everything owed by the supermarket chain would be paid from January 18, 2022 to the date on which a final decision is made. In that amount are included the rental fees and public services, among others, representing around 300,000 million pesos.

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However, the issue is even more complicated. While some store owners and the more than 6,000 direct employees of the chain are pushing for the reorganization to be accepted, other owners pointed out in Snail News that they are owed up to 400 million pesos, for which they ask that Justo & Bueno be liquidated and their premises be handed over to them.

Given such a scenario, the next few hours are key for the Superintendence to decide whether or not to accept the rescue plan, which must be endorsed by store owners, vendors and employees.