Justo y Bueno: orden para reabrir tiendas y devolver los locales – Empresas – Economía

With the order to return some collaborators to their jobs, open the stores and the option of returning the premises to the landlords who do not wish to participate in the Justo & Bueno rescue plan that the creditors will present, as defined by the Thursday of this week at the public hearing, Darío Laguado Monsalve, settlement agent appointed by the Superintendence of Companies, began his management within the process with which it seeks to give said company one last chance.

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This was announced to the company’s employees through a joint communication with César Higuita, president of Sintramer, the Justo & Bueno workers’ union, in which they are informed that the collaborators who participate in this first phase of the rescue plan will be recognized regarding those days worked.

As recalled, Santiago Londoño, Deputy Superintendent, at the public hearing held last Thursday, ordered the judicial liquidation of Mercaderia, parent company of the Justo & Bueno stores, but at the request of a group of more than 400 creditors, he gave a period of 30 days for a concrete rescue plan to be presented, which will be evaluated.

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However, the official maintained the order to appoint a settlement agent who will be in charge of the company throughout this process until a new decision is made.

In his communication to the workers, the designated settlement agent indicated that the premises will be returned to the lessors who do not wish to participate in the company’s rescue plan that will be defined before June 12return that will be done in an organized manner and without the need to adopt de facto routes, that is, blocking the entrances of the stores or putting chains on the doors.

However, he invited them to join forces in this attempt to save the company, because without their participation that attempt will be even more difficult. He also indicated that those who definitely want to be part of that plan or not, let him know.

Labor contracts

Laguado Monsalve also informed the workers that their employment contracts are still valid, but not those of the company’s administrators. As you remember, these were removed by order of the judge in the case.

In this sense, he reported that one of the company’s priorities is, as far as possible, to catch up with the social security obligations of the collaborators, and that as long as there are resources, the discounts that have been made to workers to pay drafts and liens.

Finally, he indicated that next week they will analyze the solutions that can be adopted in favor of the workers related to their job stability, which will be reinforced.