Karol G casi traicionada por su blusa en pleno Instagram

Karol G casi traicionada por su blusa en pleno Instagram

“The richest of all the girls”, to the rhythm of this popular song, the beautiful singer of the urban genre danced and shook on social networks. Karol G took advantage of a free time to dedicate it to Internet users and decided to record herself having a good time for all of them.

Which Carolina Giraldo Navarro She did not know that dancing from bed and in such a flirtatious way could cause her to show that she was about to be betrayed by her blouse and of course, Instagram users would not be at all upset with the situation.

karol g She decided to get into bed with a shiny blouse with a plunging neckline, which seemed to leave the charms of the famous woman visible to everyone at any time, since Anuel AA’s ex did not stop dancing and singing to the rhythm of the song. .

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The music star left more than evidence that he was in a very good mood and happy, so he was happy and dancing to his followers. Carolina chose for the occasion a quite natural makeup like the one she is used to everyone and her already characteristic blue hair completely relaxed.


THE MOST CHIMBA OF ALL THE GIRLS ������������������������������������������, That was how this beautiful woman described her post.

The singer published the short recording on her official Instagram account 16 hours ago and has already exceeded 9 million views on the famous social network. It was unstoppable that the followers of karol g They will begin to fill it with all kinds of compliments in the comment box.

This beautiful woman is currently an influencer, because on Instagram alone she has exceeded 50 million followers, who love that the artist frequently shares content that can range from photographs to videos like the one mentioned in which she shows that she is really fresh. and original.

Currently, there are rumors that Carolina could have a relationship with the soccer player James Rodríguez, this despite the fact that it is said that he has not denied, however, there are still those who relate them, especially since the interpreter was caught watching television with his daughter and the soccer player.

The rumors began months after his separation from the singer Anuel AA became official, with whom he was for more than two years and who would quickly announce his relationship with another singer, Yailin, the most viral, with whom it is rumored that he has even married. .