Karol G comparte las FOTOS de sus VACACIONES de verano y la Bichota rompe el Internet

The holidays of summer began in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, so karol g took the opportunity to visit paradisiacal beaches and give away beautiful Photos that delighted the pupil of several million followers, the bug The Colombian woman showed herself in a tiny blue bikini and the postcards she published on the internet already exceed 5 million likes, in which they could be the hottest images of the season.

This 2022 was the year of confirmation for karol gfrom her breakup with Anuel AA, to her resurgence as the bugThey were part of the ups and downs of emotions that the Colombian singer faced, so now it seems that everything that has to do with the breakup is a thing of the past and she is enjoying her vacations in a big way. summer.