Kylie Jenner puso en venta su ropa y compradores dijeron que tiene mal olor

Kylie Jenner puso en venta su ropa y compradores dijeron que tiene mal olor

The businesswoman has tried to return to her daily life after giving birth to her little son, who was originally going to bear the name of Wolf, a name reported by herself through her social networks and that the TMZ portal had corroborated. with the birth record, where we also learned that he would also be called Jacques, in honor of Travis.

However, after a few weeks it was the model who was in charge of announcing to the press that her second baby would no longer have that name and that, on the contrary, they were going to change it completely. Although, since then there have been several speculations, now the businesswoman has denied them and it has been known that the little boy still does not have a definitive name, because all thanks to the party they gave True, where Kylie showed that in the gift given to her cousin were signed “Stormi and Baby Webster.”

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Although, beyond the rumors of the possible name of her second heir, now the businesswoman has been accused and highly criticized by a content creator who ensures that the famous 24-year-old businesswoman and her sisters do not offer their best clothes on a site for internet in good condition.

The site is Kardashian Kloset, which the sisters share where they make their used clothes available to followers at fairly high prices. The news that has now positioned Kylie in the eye of the hurricane has been thanks to the testimony of a ‘youtuber’ named Blair Walnuts, who shared on her channel all the experience she had when buying one or another press from the youngest of the Kardashian clan Jenner.

In the video, the creator assured that she spent approximately more than 500 dollars on the website but that, unfortunately, she got a quality surprise and not a very pleasant one.

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“There is a kind of smell, it’s like an old musty smell,” confessed the ‘youtuber’, who has earned recognition by exposing some ‘influencers’ on her channel. “A bit like smelling an estate sale. It’s not what she expected, ”she mentioned as she wore one of the clothes she purchased on the page.

However, none of the sisters has commented on it, because in fact Kylie is the one who shares on her social networks every time she adds a garment to the website, as she did recently with a Louis Vuitton bag, which has an estimated value. of 3,700 dollars and with it he also published a gold handbag from Bottega Veneta for 1,300 dollars and one from the Burberrry brand for 650 dollars.

Watch the clip of the complaint in this video: